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Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App


Look around. How many devices surround you? PC, laptop, tablet, and, of course, smartphone. All together they form your own digital ecosystem that serves as working place, communication hub, and entertainment center. Everyone got used to iphones and to the features of notepad, alarm clock, voice recorder, calculator, calendar, etc. in them.

Nowadays we are offered a variety mobile apps of any kinds and all purposes. There are apps for:

  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Health
  • Music
  • Business

Let’s view the last niche more specifically and discuss pros and cons of mobile app for business.

Nowadays we are offered

Big benefits of a small app

Nowadays mobile apps have wide practical usage for small business. The development services now are not only affordable but very important for business owners.

Of course, now there are not so many apps representing small business, but it is obvious, that businessman will realize the significance of this tool for successful business development.

So, let’s talk about why you need a mobile app, what is it capable of, and how it works. To find out more about application development and prices read here.

The main purpose of the app for small business is the interaction with the clients. Here is how you can use an app:

  • Place and instantly submit information about sales, promotional action and fresh entries to your clients.
  • Send push notifications (users open them more frequently than SMS and mailout)
  • Invite users to events and they can add them to calendar through your app
  • Integrate your app with your website, blog, and social media accounts
  • Implement a system of discount coupons and referral rewards
  • Set up a trick like, when people pass your place they receive a welcoming message
  • Clients can make in-app purchases, order and book services

The app may include many other useful features. You will decide what your app will be capable of on the initial stage of a contract according to the specification of your business.

The app is meant to attract and retain customers and push up sales. Who can use apps? First of all, such business as restaurants, delivery services, e-shops, fitness clubs, travel agencies, etc. In other words, any B2C model private company.

A mobile app makes the simple relationship with clients more personal. Unlike a website, an app allows you to determine which customers your business needs and which it doesn’t.

Like any other novelty, mobile app should be considered as an investment that will pay off in the future, and it is up to you to decide whether to bring this in your particular business. The main success criterion is the increase in earnings after the app is launched. If it’s impossible to count the difference then you need to think twice before you decide to put up money. There can be something more useful.

On the other hand, for some small businesses apps are essential as they considerably boost sales. In this case it is easy to see the efficiency of this decision. There are many examples of how a mobile app pay off many times really fast. So, don’t miss the opportunity to be ahead of your competitors! ;)

Advice from world known specialist

Scott Shane, Professor at Case Western Reserve University has shared his opinion about benefits of mobile app for business to Entrepreneur.

In his article he described why should you build a mobile app for small business.

Here are the key points of his publication:

  • Mobile internet is now used more frequently, so it’s not enough to have only a website. Business owners are encouraged So, don’t miss the opportunity to be ahead of your competitors!
  • Mobile apps have become a powerful marketing tool. Gallup survey shows that three-quarters of Americans check their Smartphones at least once during an hour. And the majority of Americans tend to spend more time with their smartphones that in front of a TV.
  • When you develop an app for business then you get a multifeature way of interaction with users. The fact that proper mobile apps increase repeat visits is statistically proven. You can build efficient loyalty program based on your app if you include there bonus cards and launch interactive promotional activities.
  • Your app can become an integral part of your branding. Custom design with branded logo will contribute to brand recognition by simply being on the screen of your smartphone.
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What stops you from developing an app?

Many business owners including you might think that app development process is too complicated and the prices are too big. Generally, clients have foggy notion of what their app should include, how it should look like and about the costs required to design and build a mobile project. They worry too much about creating different apps for iOS and Android and become confused when it comes to making decisions. We would like to prove that when you work with developers company that has many years of experience, just like we :)

We can make app for your business, offer you MVP, and consult you through the whole process.

Planning to boost your business or have an idea for startup? We know how to create a mobile app for your business.