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Why to Use Admin Panel for Mobile Application

Why to Use Admin Panel for Mobile Application


A lot of everyday aspects of our life are going mobile. Now we can chat, play, listen to music, pay bills and do a lot of other things on the go. All these transformations lead to the escalating of our life tempo so speed is now the reigning benefit for all applications. Therefore, business owners and app developers try to adapt their products to stay in demand for users.

Here at Thunderrise, we definitely know what features our clients need to have their app to reach their business goals. This will optimize the overall cost for the app development and help applications stay up-to-date. In our blog, we often share this knowledge with the world. Today we gonna speak about benefits of using admin panel for mobile applications. 

What is administrative panel

Admin panel is the management tool for your application or website. Using an admin console, you can perform all the control actions that you need. You can set up user permissions, track new user sign ups or track the activity of existent ones, manage app content, check your app or website status or send push notifications. And that’s not the whole bunch of functions that admin panel can perform.

And there’s a reasonable question: are there any mobile apps that don’t have administrative panel? The answer is yes. But there’s a need to put a side note: it’s the minority of apps and they are mostly very simple. Admin panel is needed for some advanced platforms that provide a lot of functions, here it simplifies management and control. But there’s no need to implement admin panel to, for example, a compass. There’s no need in it where user or content-related operations are absent.

Why it’s so vital

When user has to deal with any content, it has to be added and updated to an app somehow. And here comes the admin panel - it’s the only way to manage information within the application.

CMS (Content Management System), for example, is a great case of admin panel for e-commerce, retail or other type of business application. It allows users to add their content and interact with each other using this content in a convenient way. It’s a foundation of this kind apps, without overestimation, a lot of apps can’t actually exist without admin panel. So it can’t be named as a benefit but an indispensable part of development.

So we have decided that administrative panels are crucial for all big e-commerce projects as well as for some other types of apps.

For projects that use admin panels, there are couple of ways to optimize the further development and therefore reduce the total cost.

First of all is using a Content Management System mentioned above. It’s a good choice because CMS is a premade solution so there’s no need to spend an extra money on creating something similar from scratch. But there’s a need to put a remarque: CMS doesn’t work for all types of apps so sometimes there’s a need to create a custom admin panel (if you want custom or hardly advanced features). 

Another solution for optimization is to create a proper workflow of admin panel development. It’s about thorough task precisement and explanation of all the details and functions you admin panel should consist of. This strategy should lead to less time you need to spend on discussions and therefore reducing the total expense of development.

Admin panel for measurement

There is an unchangeable axiom among business owners: you have to measure everything. Analytics is one of the most essential parts of both business and app development and you don’t have to underestimate it. But measurement is not only about tracking the number of downloads but how people interact with the app, how much time they spend it on a day, what is the pattern of popularity rise/fall. As we mentioned above, administrative panel can show you behaviour of your audience. There are a lot of formulas that should help to manage your app.

For example, the most popular mobile popularity metric is so called “stickiness”. It’s a simple measure and to obtain it you should divide the number of daily active users (DAU) on number of monthly active users (MAU). All these variables you can obtain through an admin panel. If you’re interested in key mobile metrics, come check our special article.

And, of course, if you still have some questions about admin panel for your mobile application, feel free to contact us and we will answer all of them.