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Why Smart Home Apps are Beneficial for your Business

Why Smart Home Apps are Beneficial for your Business


Humanity has wised up enough to create a smart trend in technologies and start transforming everything it could into smartdevices. Look, today we can’t imagine our life without our smartphones and smart TVs. Smartwatches, smartbands, smartglasses and smart keychains are flooding the market. Smart-only-God-knows-what is developing right this moment for sure! So now is the time for our homes to become brainy.

What market wants

Comfort and stability are primly what people long for. We seek for ultimate comprehension of our unspoken needs. And that is why we began to implement smart technologies everywhere including our households. And statistics only confirm the tendency.
Why Is A Smart Home Installation Business So Beneficial?

The research took place in USA. Offered graphic shows that on average 20% growth in the market for at least 5 years but the dynamics gives the confidence that it has rather a long-term nature.

Let’s take an average price on Smart Home Installation per household (it’s 330 $) and simply calculate potential revenue for 2017. Only in 2017 13,7 billion dollars will be spent on Smart Homes.

It’s a nice business to start, don’t you agree?

Why market wants it

If you’re not convinced enough just think about Smart Home as a product. Would you want one yourself? Actually, you would have already owned it, if you knew how awesome it is.

Let’s check main Smart House features and ist benefits.

Smart Doors & Gates

Internal doors are clever, they know you’re coming and magically open up for you. More than that, they will close right after you passed through. Really useful when your hands are busy with packets or kids, or pets, or all at once, jeez!

The hall-door gets a smart upgrade to unlock when you approach and locks behind you. Also you might control the process remotely. For example, if you have a friend over and he came sooner than you did. Awkward a little, isn’t it? But it would be smart of you to use your smartphone and unlock your smart front door with a Smart Home App.

Garage doors? Same smart story. No more worries, it’s closed the moment you left. Anyway, you can always remotely close it yourself using a telekinesis. Or a Smart Home App.

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Smart Lights & Sockets

Evolve your lights to the level they understand where you are what you’re doing and how much light do you need. A light will literally follow every your step into the darkness. You can set your lights to slowly brighten when you wake up, turn on when you’re away to make it look like someone is at home, turn off automatically when you leave the house, etc.

If you don't quite remember whether you turned off the iron or not, just turn off appropriate socket. Or turn selected socket on, if you need connected device to turn on as well, till you’re at home and use it right away.
How to develop ssmart home applicatoins

Smart control & security

A feel of control makes people happier, scientists found, and feel of security is a necessity for further development as individual in Maslow’s opinion. A Smart Home can supply those by following features:

  1. using voice commands to communicate with a Smart House;
  2. observing the house cameras through a Smart Home App. Also security cameras are recording movements if detected;
  3. immediate alerts if doors or windows leading to off-limits areas open up;
  4. an option to trigger a blaring siren if there’s unwanted motion or entry.

Smart preventive tools

Placing moisture sensors in areas prone to leaking will help you prevent major damage of potential flooding. In case a water was detected you’ll receive an immediate notification, so you сould take an action that instant.
how much does it cost to develop a smart home app

Smart economy

Capability to regulate your thermostat, A/C unit or portable heater through the Smart Home App will shorten your bills. A study has reported that users of Smart Home applications for thermostat control alone saved from 10%-30% on their energy bill. Lowing a temperature while away from home and rising up while coming back mean stretching your finances easily.

Smart routine

Actually you can even train your coffee machine to start brewing your drink as you wake up, or a crockpot to heat up a meal while you’re still on your way home. Impossible is nothing!

A smartphone that armored with a Smart Home App seems like wielding some celestial power, a unique ability to serve and protect. And again: would you want to possess such a wand? The market does.

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Our small part in your smart business

You may have a question like "how to develop a smart home app?"It's an essential part of A Smart Home Installation Business. And as highly qualified App Development Team Thunderrise offers you help in projection and creating your Smart Home App. We already have experience in development of Smart Home Apps on both iOS and Android. Our joint project with Bemi Automation was called iBemi and took place in 2015. We reached all planned goals so the customer was content with our work. You can read a feedback about us on Clutch.

Contact us and we’ll gladly contribute into smartness of your business.