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Why is a Mobile App Useful for Retail Business

Why is a Mobile App Useful for Retail Business


There is no need to explain that mobile world expansion goes on with increasing tempo. Mobility spreads its’ hands on all the aspects of our everyday life. This view is also appropriate for retail businesses.

No matter you have a small boutique in a shopping mall or you are an owner of several shopping malls, your very first task is to make your customers love you and your brand. But sometimes even top-rank service and even a huge product demand may be not enough. Going mobile can be a game changing marketing strategy.

In this article we will try to talk about why is a mobile app useful for retail business.

You are on a fingertip

People now spend more and more time on their mobile devices. Usually, they use not many apps. In common it’s about surfing social media, Instagram, Youtube, mobile games and so on. Despite this, users still look at the screen, scroll it and definitely see an icon of your app. Even staying unnoticed, users come across it. It means that being visible can bring you lots of profit. So it’s a reason to create a well-designed icon.
Why is a mobile app useful for retail business

Push technologies

Modern technology allow to predict users needs and, according to preferences, provide the most pertinent content. You can track users customers interests analysing actions they do in app. For example, if user is interested in a concrete product, you can automatically provide him with price changes, discounts and other stuff. The key is that you don’t need users request for it.

More about this technology you can read in our article.

Push notifications can also be used to promote new product arrival, news, presentations and special offers. There is no need to pay for billboards.

Huge potential for customers loyalty

Discounts is the great instrument that provide trigger for customers to buy something. Mobile apps are here to sideline paper coupons and make them relics of the past. You can make users feel like they are valuable customers. They think like “Oh, they gave me something exclusive, maybe i am a lot significant”. Playing on people's heart strings is important in every retail business. This strategy gains profit by making customers loyal to you and your product.Why is a mobile app useful for retail business

Retail automatiс performance

Mobile software helps customers to automatize their shopping experience and as we know positive customer experience is what every retailer seeks. Retail apps enable users to automatically obtain all the information they want to know so there’s less need in cashier and customer service employees. This will not only reduce labor cost but eliminate a so cold “human factor”. Of course, we are all humans and it’s obvious for us to make mistakes but it doesn’t mean that customers comes to terms of it.

Advanced mobile technologies that are involved in retail business.

Let’s talk about some software that can be implement in app. Using these technologies, retailers can benefit from their apps financially. Although, they will definitely simplify both retailer and customer part.

  • Geolocation. It has a huge demand in modern society. Just get your store to Google Maps and you will obtain tons of tourists that are not local and want to find a good place to visit or shop. For locals, it would be easy to find the way to the nearest of your stores. If you’re an owner of a, for example, grocery stores network, you will have permanent customers.
  • Flexibility in payment. Smartphone is the constant customer companion, so using it, customers won’t need to take cash or credit cards. All the payments are managed only with few touches. Such technologies are suited for the best retail mobile app.
  • QR-codes. These two-dimensional bar codes can simplify work of shop consultants and replace them in future. Scanning a QR-code of a product, you can obtain information about everything you need to know about it: price, size, features (speaking about machines), date of production (if it is food), country of manufacture and so on.
  • Beacons. The new software that is used as a room positioning system based on Bluetooth Lite. So if the customers nearby have the appropriate application, a beacon software sends push notifications to their smartphones. So it’s a good idea to promote discounts or events.

So we came to a point of an article. Let’s list reasons to order a mobile app for your retail business.

  • Mobile segment overpowers all other e-commerce aspects
  • Native applications are more user-friendly comparing to web sites
  • Apps are the most competitive channel of advertising cause gadgets are always along
  • As we said, increased customer loyalty
  • Continuous engagement with customers

So the question is not probably about why retailers need an app but how to implement mobile technologies in a concrete situation. Interested? So don’t hesitate and order a unique software for business at Thunderrise. For more detailed information, contact us via email. We will answer all the questions that may left after this article.