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What You Need to Know about UI and UX Design

What You Need to Know about UI and UX Design


In the latter days user will not be impressed by an application merely working properly. Information Technology had lots of time to perfect the inside structure and performance, now it is time for the outside to shine. In this article we are talking about design and confirming or maybe dispelling what you might know about it.
What You Need to Know About UX and UI Design

You have probably got an impression of what are designer’s functions and responsibilities, but there is actually more to it than just picking colours and positioning buttons on a screen. Web design divides into multiple branches, like interface design or graphic design. We are now going to take a closer look at UX and UI design, consider differences between them and see if it is within the power of one person to cover both areas profoundly.

User Interface

User Interface is a field of communication between a human and a computer. UI designer’s job is making sure that the page is pleasing to look at, outwith being navigated intuitively.

Good UI must follow the UX. User Interface is a visible part of your product so it must visualize the actions made - what buttons have been pressed, which page have been opened etc.

UI is what the user sees while interacting with the app. Being a UI designer is a high responsibility because their work creates user’s first impression on a whole product.

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User Experience

User Experience is how your product is perceived, how the user feels when utilizing it.

UI defines the logic of product’s usage, how convenient the action flow is, which buttons for which features should be included and so on. It doesn’t overlap with the looks (it is a part where UI comes out on stage) but makes sure that all visual are placed properly and appropriately on the screen.

And even though here we refer mostly to design, it would be pointless without a steady UX base.
What You Need to Know About UX and UI Design

Universals and Particulars

In a nutshell, UX is the spices you add to the dish, and UI is how you present it.

Good UI is when she’s gorgeous, and good UX is when you actually enjoy her company (a lot!).

Let’s cut it with the metaphors and compare the main targets of UX and UI.

User Experience

  • Information architecture
  • Field investigation
  • Client’s needs estimation
  • Picking features and creating an action flow

UX might even require more imagination as it creates the concept of your product from scratch, while UI oftentimes just follows the client’s directions. However, God forbid you underestimate the work of UI designer!

User Interface

  • Visual design
  • Colour and font selection
  • Media
  • Creating emotional design

UI and UX differ in various aspects, but they are tightly tied together at the same time. Design is nothing without a functionality wireframe, and a wireframe itself is not perceived without a proper apparel.

The core of a quality UX is profound user behaviour research. Obviously, one can’t create a proper quality UX if one doesn’t know the target audience and its preferences. UX designer creates possible usage scenarios and workflows, creates demos and works on human-centred design.

On the other hand, UI designer’s work is more artistic. They deal with colour schemes, typography, fonts, managing all the visual aspects of the product. As a rule UI designer might rest on customer’s templates, but it doesn’t restrict them from offering their own ideas to improve what has turned out.
What You Need to Know About UX and UI Design

Emotional Design

Earlier we have mentioned ‘emotional design’ as a UI target point, and now let us tell a little more about it.

If you haven’t heard about Aaron Walter, he is a lead UX designer for Mailchimp, a great mailing service, and he is widely respected in a design field. He also wrote a book ‘Designing for Emotion’, and the name basically speaks for itself. In it he shines the light on the fact that there are actually living people behind the screens.

Chasing Google optimization, companies often forget that and don’t create their products with initial aim to satisfy the consumer, but how to perfect the SEO. But the point is that web content is targeted on humans, so it should be presented correspondingly. He singles out the examples of Flickr, Dropbox and of course Mailchimp to illustrate how meaningful it is to get on the right emotional side of your audience.

There are huge amounts of similar services in the web, so if you go that extra mile showing you actually care, you will benefit from it.
What You Need to Know About UX and UI Design

Is One as Good as None? Hiring a Designer

The list of responsibilities quite differs when it comes to UX and UI designers, so as a rule there are two separate people performing the tasks if it is a serious project. If the case isn’t major or urgent having one designer working on both UX and UI is an option.

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However, be sure to request examples of previous works, either you are hiring one designer or a team. That way you will roughly see what they are capable of and whether it suits you or not.

We hope this article was useful and you found the answers you were looking for.

If you have any additional questions or want to start working on UX/UI for your product, make sure to contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is at your service.