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What Mobile App Design Trends Will Appear in 2017

What Mobile App Design Trends Will Appear in 2017


Mobile design trends are really hard to predict. Despite the fact there were a lot of forecasts on 2017 in last years fall, it’s still not an easy task to predict everything about mobility and design particularly.
Speaking about mobile design updates, they are usually born as features of upcoming mobile OS or devices and their look. But no one cancels the unexpected boom of developers fantasy so among the things we have seen on demonstrations and expos, we should get prepared for some superlunar things. Today we gonna speak about the latest trends in mobile apps, tendencies in UI UX design and review some app design trends.

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No need to say that trends in mobile apps obey cultural influences and the whole life of society so we can predict something if we trace the culture shift. The upcoming mobile devices also dictate the way mobile application trends develop.

Touch ID for everyone

What Mobile App Design Trends Will Appear in 2017

Today manually inserted passwords recede into the past, the future is under fingerprint verification. Touch ID is not actually a new technology. From its’ implementation to IPhone 5S in 2013, the more and more companies have rigged Touch ID in their new products. But previously it was used only for unlocking a phone. Now it allows to verify your Dropbox, buy goods with Amazon and ITunes. The thing is that Touch ID makes an online verification process much easier and safer. In 2017, Touch ID will have a bigger spreading because more and more devices support it.

What Mobile App Design Trends Will Appear in 2017

Hidden navigation

It’s also not a new feature. Despite this fact, hidden navigation will meet the reborn. This feature allows to conceal an at-the-moment unnecessary functionality in favor of saving space for viewers. The menu will be seen only if you need it (like a wizard). The best way to perform a hidden navigation is to implement a so called navigation drawer.


Traditionally, the main metrics of user experience were the time the user spends on a website or inside the app, how he interacts with UI and whether he drops off before purchasing. But now this UX design trend progressively becomes a product so developers should consider more experience based metrics to the engagement and positive contribution to a users’ life. This feature will also simplify finding of other UX design trends.

Scroll triggered animations

This unique type of animation has risen with the release of Mac Book 8 Pro. But the thing lies not in a device but its’ official web page. As a user scrolls down the page, he can see a visual effects progression. It’s a good idea in the way not to force people to read a product description but see how it works with an infographics. Scroll triggers can also be used in multi sectional websites in the way to follow the link by scrolling down or up.

What Mobile App Design Trends Will Appear in 2017

Chatbots invasion

When it comes to the whole situation about mobile apps trends, chatbots are the first to come on mind. When user is confused having trouble to find the needed page on a big website, he usually turns to search engine or filters. But chatbots are rather more convenient. The best example of chatbots is ShopBot by eBay. It increases positive user experience by answering their queries and it’s a lot better and interactive than a common search engine.

Material is still here

Material will continue to be the the everlasting modern mobile app design considering its’ popularity on the market. This app design trend was born as an answer to the response of improving and simplifying user engagement. Maintaining the fact that Google is still a “co-emperor” of mobile market, material design still stay alive for a long time. I speak so because all the most popular apps we use everyday are made using material design (Youtube, Google Maps, Facebook etc). The last word is behind the top mobile app designs.

Content is still a king

The very fascinating feature of past few years is a shift from vision to a content. And 2017 won’t be an exception. For a good functioning of mobile app flat design is the best choice. Its’ minimalistic approach pared with material design brings the fastest and the most convenient user interaction. Flat design is also the best for wearable technologies that also rise in 2017.

On the other hand, every action has an equal counteraction. There is an opinion among designers that flat trend has killed the “soul” of design. It will be interesting to trace the development of this discussion in 2017.


All in all, in 2017 we will see a lot of good new features in design that could definitely change. The latest UI design trends will stay the same but will develop in the new way.