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What Apple Presented in Semptember 2017

What Apple Presented in Semptember 2017


It has finally happened.

The long awaited Apple presentation due to iPhone’s 10th anniversary was finally held on Tuesday, September 12th. The location chosen for the event was Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, Cupertino, CA.

There were no expected iPhone 7s and 7s+, however we saw three new iPhone models - iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. Let’s go through all the new features available to us starting from September 22 when the iPhone 8 sales start.

Apple Presentation 2017

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+

Starting with the eights, the first thing we get is an A11 bionic chip. It is a 4.3 billion transistor 64-bit ARM-based system. It has 2 performance cores and is noticeably faster than the previous models.

The new 12 MP camera doesn’t disappoint as well. With iPhone 8 you get great pixel processor, beautiful textures and depth in photographs, and true subtle colours even in the dark. Besides that, now you can change the lighting on your faces using the portrait mode. Don’t confuse it with filters though - this feature actually performs lighting analysis of the photo and you can adjust it to your liking, even make the whole background dark.

New video recording technology divides each frame into 2 million tiles every second, which has never been done before on a smartphone.

Now one can not stay silent about the design. 4.7’’ and 5.5’’ displays, glass back and aluminium sides make the new model look just stunning, no doubt. Price for iPhone 8 starts with $699 and for iPhone 8+ - with $799. Both iPhone 8 and 8+ come in three colours and you will have 3 storage amount options.

Apple Presentation 2017

As the Apple has also quoted, ‘’The future is wireless’’. And that has been said for a reason.

With the iPhone 8 launch Apple also presents wireless chargers - finally! It’s a great idea of course, but it's not too innovative - companies like Samsung and Sony have done this long before. But don’t you try and get disappointed, we still have got so much to go through!

Apple Presentation 2017

iPhone X

Apple Presentation 2017

The real star of the show for us was the so long awaited iPhone X. As it has been said, iPhone X is considered to be Apple’s biggest leap since presenting the first ever iPhone which has changed the technology world.


  • Display goes to each corner.
  • Glass on both front and back + stainless steel sides..
  • Water and dust resistant on a microscopic level.

Brand new Super Retina 5.8’’ display makes your smartphone usage extra enjoyable and has twice more feature than a usual OLED display.

Apple Presentation 2017

It has got such qualities as:

Great contrast

  • High resolution
  • Generally the screen is very thin and light
  • Great adjustable brightness
  • True colour

It is going to retail for $999. Preorder starts October 27, and the shipping begins November 3.

Security and Lock

Probably the most exciting art of the new iPhone reveal was introducing of the Face ID. We are all familiar with Touch ID by now, but Apple have moved further. With the new iPhone X you will only need to look at your phone for it to recognise you. The possibility of somebody else being able to unlock your phone using Touch ID was 1:50 000, while now the possibility of intruding with Face ID scanner is 1:1000 000! Pretty impressive, if you ask me. The face recognition system have also been tested to recognize pictures and masks that are not real faces.

Let’s talk screen interaction now.

As I have managed, the last model doesn’t have Home button, so how do we unlock the phone or get to the Home screen?

You only need to lightly tap the screen in any place to wake it up. Swipe from the bottom up to unlock your phone and do the same to get to the Home page from any app. To perform multitasking, swipe up and hold for a second (let 3D touch do its job) and here you have the list of all the running programs.

Apple Presentation 2017


Face recognition feature also allows you create your customisable moving emoji with a character to share it with your friends.

Apple Watch 3

Apple Presentation 2017

We also should not forget the Apple Watch 3. The main new features are:

  • Brand new W2 chip.
  • Cellular. Now you can leave you house without a phone and still be available thanks to your Apple Watch.
  • 40 million songs available from iTunes. That’s just what you need to motivate yourself for training! Millions of tracks from iTunes available right on your watch.
  • Heart health support preventing arrhythmia and strokes. From now on your Apple Watch will let you know when your heartbeat isn’t symmetrical on times when you don’t seem to do exercise. It has been done to try and prevent heart diseases.
  • First place. It is also important to mention that Apple Watch became the most popular watch in the world, overplaying Rolex!

Apple Presentation 2017

Apple TV

Apple TV finally having 4K and HDR available also on the iPhone and iPad, but the best thing is the prices remain the same as they were for HD content!

It’s also well-known that Apple works hard on making their products environmental-friendly, and these ones aren’t exceptional in that case.

The presentation ended with of course reminiscing Steve Jobs, the Apple founder. Remembering his quotes and assuming that he would be proud of the innovation was very sentimental.

If you are interested in Apple news, check out our blog, and if you have any questions or are interested in creating an application, feel free to contact us.