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Top Prank Apps

Top Prank Apps


A Fools’ Day is coming. Prepare for being pranked. But don’t stay aside and trick your friends as a revenge (or not revenge, actually). There is what people usually call prank app so you can have top pranks on your friends, family or girlfriend/boyfriend.

It seems that pranks have existed from the beginning of civilization. What can better stave off boredom from the party than a little fun? So it’s evident that pranks have gone digital as funny pranks apps. There is a huge variety of them so you can easily fool your friends using top pranks software. Some of them are based on existing prank ideas that have gone mobile, some are made exclusively for mobile devices. Today we gonna speak about best prank apps and how to gain much fun with them.

Top Prank Apps

Scare your friends

Heh, the everlasting classic. In mid 2000s there were a wave of so called “screamers” - videos that force viewers to gaze at something hidden and when they lose vigilance, shows a creepy picture with a sudden scream. Some millennials see them in nightmares up to now. Using scary games to prank your friend have never been so funny. But at first, assure that he holds your phone reliably or funny prank can turn to a broken screen.

Crack screen prank

It’s also canonical in terms of smartphones. Cracked phone screen pranks were existing maybe from the launch of IPhone 2G. The joke is that phone force a victim to tap the screen more intensely and shows splits like the screen were broken. Want to have fun with your new IPhone 7s? Broken phone screen prank is just for you. Imagine a friends’ face when he realises how to collect money for your repair. Unforgettable sight.

Top Prank Apps

Scary prank call

This app idea is really simple. It changes your voice to one of the scariest characters you want to be. This phone prank app can scary your friends to death and gain so much fun for you. This scary prank calling app will be great not only for Fools’ Day but for Halloween or even daily jokes. Not just funny but it can be really scary app.

PrankDial - Prank phone call app

It’s one of the most popular prank apps that allow you to have a joke on your friends by fake calling them. There are 150+ prank calls you can choose from. Among them are classical “Why you call my Girlfriend” or “Dude, your car is burning” and other more specific ones. You get 3 phone pranks free and it makes PrankDial the best prank call app.

Top Prank Apps

Ghost Prank

Returning to scary games to prank your friends, this one is extraordinary creepy. Basically, it’s a simple photo editor but such description is too boring. This app is made to inhabit a photo with ghosts. So you can put a flying murdered girl on your girlfriends’ photo and enjoy the reaction. Of course you can save the result and share it via social networks.


This app is made for fooling friends by creating high-frequency sounds so no one should detect its’ source. There are three modes of these annoying sounds: high-frequency, tri-tone (really annoying interval) or white noise. You can prank someone by telling that it’s the only she or he who hear the sound. It’s also a lot of fun in the crowd because it’s harder to detect the source of sound.

Lie Detector Simulator

No, it’s not a lie detector at all. It just simulates it. So if you want to know where your friends were last weekend without you, don’t waste your time. But this app gains much fun by making seem that they are lying on every question you ask.

TV Remote Control App

You can make your friends’ TV box to act like it’s gone crazy. The funniest is to change channels with the speed of light or change the volume from silence to bombing eardrums. Your roommate will go insane trying to figure out what’s going on. The best in this prank is its’ replay value.

So these were top 8 prank applications that should make your life a bit more funny. You can choose one or two… or all of them to prepare for the 1 of April. If you are a creative prankster and you want to create your own application, feel free to contact with us, express your idea, we’ll have much fun together. This niche is widely opened for extraordinary concepts and the demand never fades away.