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What is “virtual reality”? It’s a computer generated digital environment. A user becomes a part of this virtual environment so he can operate things inside it and perform some actions that are planned in a VR program.

Virtual experience is performed with the help of head-mounted display (HMD) that display three-dimensional images. Some systems are able to give additional experience such as sound or video which contributes to their overall experience.

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Virtual reality in modern interpretation was theorized in 1964. Stanislav Lem in his book “Summa Technologiae” describes a reality that is an absolute copy of our reality for creature that live there but it is ruled by other laws. Lem names it “phantomology”.

Nowadays VR is not only used in gaming or entertainment but also for a lot of different corporate goals. Now there are softwares for training surgery workers, pilots, soldiers, for business data visualization or even a virtual art exhibition.

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