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Taxi Industries


Market Overview

It’s no secret that Uber is the most popular taxi app at the moment, it’s on everyone’s lips, and we are going to provide you with some Uber statistics to help you decide on developing your own mobile taxi business.

Uber was on the Forbes list of America’s largest private companies with 12 million employers and about 1 million rides daily, available in 83 countries and almost 700 cities worldwide (and these figures are growing!). In 2017 Uber’s valuation reached $69 billion. It has 40 million rides monthly, and the company takes 25% of the fare.

Besides being a successful business for you, taxi app will provide workplace for those who need some additional income or just prefer having some freedom with their schedule.

Taxi Application

Application’s Main Features

Your product’s aim might be pretty straightforward, but there is still a ton of options to choose - whether to add customizable user profiles, save routes, add feedback and ratings option, pick your own design and of course a way to interview the potential employees.

Here we have prepared a list of features that makes the best mobile taxi application:

  • Booking interface
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Fare calculator
  • Cashless payment
  • Loyalty program
  • Push notifications
  • Chat

Taxi Application
How to Create a Taxi App

There are some major points you have to consider before starting development. Decide how you want your app to be made - yourself, outsource, or freelance; come up with some base frameworks so your developers can get the idea on what you want to receive.

When it comes to development, here are the features that we find absolutely indispensable:

  • Two separate apps for passengers and drivers
  • GPS/geolocation and maps
  • Payment system
  • Profile registration
  • Notifications
  • Design

Do you have a question?

A note from Thunderrise:

Development of these two apps will take about 700 hours, and a team of Android developer, iOS developer, web developer and designer will be able to finish it in about three to four months.

Of course no exact figures can be named here. The final price of a product depends on your preferred features and developer’s hourly rate.

If you want to get an estimation and develop your own taxi app, make sure to contact us.

Go here if you you are interested in getting more information on the topic.