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Tastebuds or Music App for Dating

Tastebuds or Music App for Dating


A lot of modern artists and technology makers use the concept of blending different great ideas. As a result they receive something totally new. So what we will receive by mixing Tinder and Spotify? The answer is Tastebuds - the music dating app.

Everyone must admit that music creates a shape of many modern trends. It defines how we talk and look, some songs have become such iconic so we quote their lyrics. Evidently, music taste can be a leading factor when it comes to choosing a soulmate. In this case the Tastebuds FM platform is at your service.

Tastebuds or Music App for Dating

Introduction to Tastebuds

A growing number of applications on dating market shows that there is a huge demand. The best witnesses are billions of downloads and millions of users across the world. We have a lot of applications that have tools to let users find their second parts in accordance to various things. For example, Match.com - an application that uses special algorithms and match users according to their interests. Tastebuds dating platform uses the same way and music here plays the part of connecting edge.

Speaking roughly, Tastebuds is a social network that uses peoples’ music taste to match them. It’s everything about music and the overwhelming majority of users are gone on music. But despite its’ focus on music tastes, Tastebuds app can definitely compete with other dating platforms. It was created as a product of Last.FM and Spotify partnership. Powered by Last, Tastebuds has got a Spotify playbar at the bottom. It also work conversely: Spotify will upload all tracks you have on Last.FM.

The very first mission of Tastebuds as a dating is to let users meet offline. So the platform uses your location data and offers you people with similar music tastes nearby.

Tastebuds also has an IOS application that lets users to scan your IPhone music library to “define taste buds” of yours. Than it matches you with other users with similar music taste. Sound really easy, doesn’t it?

Tastebuds or Music App for Dating

Discovering music in dating app?

Tastebuds is not a common dating application. Actually it can work just like a music platform because you don’t need to chat with matches. The top list of music streaming applications also contains Tastebud app. Of course it also can work as a great matching system but it can entertain people who don’t consider dating at all.

What attracts people to use Tastebuds is that it’s not hard to find the music you want. You can easily browse website or app for different genres of your beloved music. The really cool feature is that Tastebuds provides maybe one of the best search engine so you are offered with not only “Rap”, “Rock” or “Classical” genres but with deeper definitions.

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There are two ways for Tastebuds to specify users’ music taste. It can be integrated as you register with your Facebook account letting you import artists from there. On the other hand, you can manually type the artist in a special space so the app could define buds of yours according to the listed bands.

You are free to post your favourite tracks and listen them via YouTube player. All these things you can do while browsing profiles of other community members. Then you can find some features that match you with other user and start a conversation. Chatting with other users you can discover some new genres of music as well as enlarge your collection with new artists. Consider it as a beginning of a long-term relations or a friendship. The only drawback is that this feature is still unavailable in IOS app but developers promise to fix it in the nearest time.

Gigs in dating app?

Speaking about event apps, we’ve mentioned Songkick - the application that tells users if their favourite artists are coming to their area. Tastebuds has also implemented this feature so you can not only visit concerts but have a date on concert with the one you have been matched by Tastebuds. It’s a great feature to let people meet offline and it’s the most essential in dating apps, doesn’t it?

Tastebuds or Music App for Dating

How to make money?

Previously, we have observed ways to monetize your application. Tastebuds developers consider subscription as the best one. This premium offering is named Backstage Pass. It allows users to send unlimited messages, removes all advertisements as well as offers premium users an incognito mode (you can browse profiles of other community members anonymously and hide your online status).

All that monetization stuff is good but remember Tinder. It became such popular because it was totally free. Only when it reached a huge amount of downloads. it offered a Tinder Plus.

To sum up, it’s need to say that creating a fusion of music and dating application is a really good idea. The market of Android apps hasn’t still touched this trend so you can contact us and start the development. You’re also free to ask question via our email, we will dispel all the uncertainties.