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Super Mario Run Game

Super Mario Run Game


Thunderrise programmers design and develop apps like Super Mario Run Game in two hours minimum!

Thunderrise Dev Team celebrated this New Year with a light drink and a chat, remembering what major events happened in 2016. When convo turned to notorious Super Mario Run release, we got a bit nostalgic and one of our developers suddenly came up with an idea to create a prototype of Super Mario Run game for our website. Since no good deed goes unpunished, he got the task to develop Super Mario Run in like a couple of hours. Doesn’t it seem to you that many of great project were born under the same circumstances?

Back to our little Mario guy, to develop him JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS were used. And now we present to you a masterpiece that came from under his fingertips.

How to play Thunderrise Super Mario Run game?

Since Thunderrise Dev Team follows actual trends particularly Nintendo’s trend to simplify things, we designed a game you can play with one hand! More to that with one finger. Whenever you see Goombas PRESS SPACE! Whenever you see a coin, guess what? PRESS SPACE! Done! You’re amazing!

Also you can jump onto Goomba to get additional 20 points, but avoid carnivorous plants! And don’t miss a special pink coin that can hand you whole 100 points! Hope you aren’t afraid of the darkness, since our restless Mario runs the marathon day and night till Goomba do part him from his running.

Try out this nightmarish endless mode of not so Super Mario Run website game made by a drunk dev in two hours. Watch out, don’t break your keyboard and don’t forget to enjoy your favourite music!

Also we have an interesting offer for our customers! Struggle with our master developer in Super Mario Run game created by Thunderrise to win a sale for our joint project! Rate and conditions under which the sale is granted will be discussed with Thunderrise team leaders while signing contract.

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It’s full of insights about dynamic of stats and results of Super Mario Run game release, short comparison with Pokemon GO release stats. Also there is some info about Nintendo strategy and true intentions behind upfront monetizing model. Whether you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros. or no, you should definitely grasp on trendy news, and we will glad to provide you with updated intel.

If you have any idea or project on developing similar game to Super Mario Run Thunderrise Dev Team will provide you with sober programmers on the shortest period of time that’s necessary to meet your demands on quality and correspondence of total product to your original idea.