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State of Mobile Development

State of Mobile Development


Revolution in smartphone usage is driving the market for mobile applications. App development industry is sailing before the wind and the predictions are that it won’t stop and will get bigger over time.
Every year, the Internet is fully filled with articles that are aimed to predict the state of mobile development for the next year. There are lots of fearless forecasts that tell us technological progress we can expect and what we should prepare for. Now it’s December 2016 so how the trends are working so far?

Hybrid HTML5 is becoming attractive for developers. It’s been experiencing an increase of performance in the last few years so Ionica supports it. Obviously, the quality of hybrid applications still aren’t equal to native ones. However, trends say that hybrid HTML5 apps will step-by-step close the gap.

The Internet of Things and wearable technology sound familiar too. This market has a huge potential so we can see how the technology grew from innovation to part of everyday life. But obviously, IoT and WT spread in good tempo only in US and Europe.

With popularization of cloud computing and cloud data storage, privacy of information and its security become bigger issues nowadays. Using 3rd party tools and services in app development causes a security risk. The more data is shared between partners and affiliates, the more privacy crushes may occur.

In 2016, we see that content still rules the promenade. 2016 has shown us that mind-blowing features without a quality content means nothing. So investing in quality multimedia content development that highlights your apps capability will become just as important as the mobile app development process itself.

As a conclusion, I want to say that the future of app development if full of prospects and most of them we can’t predict. In the coming few years, the situation can both turn head over heels or stay the same but progress in quality.