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Signs you picked a wrong mobile app development company

Signs you picked a wrong mobile app development company


The internet is full of stories when a business owner complain that he hired an IT outsourcing company and got failed with them. Or stories when IT outsourcers can’t finish the project for years or release a product of awful quality. Here at Thunderrise we know hot it’s difficult to pick a proper mobile app development company that will provide services of an appropriate quality.

Business owners that hasn’t ever faced IT industry, could be a bit confused about such variety of IT outsourcing companies. But you don’t need to give up because of such flummery. There are good companies that should deliver you a top notch product. Today we are going to speak about signs that you have picked a wrong mobile app development company. These materials will help you to make a proper choice and avoid incompetent workers or swindlers.

Bad looking site

First and foremost, you need to overlook the companies’ website. It must be informative and links to their portfolio is a must-have thing. Speaking about mobile app development companies, their website is their face so it has to look perfect. You need to pay an extra attention to design because it was made by designers that should work with your application. How can a company deliver good product if they can’t handle their own site.

Look at their profiles on sites like Dribbble, Clutch, LinkedIn, GitHub and social networks. Read reviews on this company, look on their design shots, posts, Facebook photos.

A lot of mobile app development companies have their own blogs on websites. Come and have a look at it, read some articles, do they write something interesting? If you like what you see, you have probably picked up a good company.

Too many promises

Even if the companies’ website, portfolio, social profiles are great, don’t relax your attention. You always have to ask questions during the discussion about how the company plans to work. If you don’t receive any concrete answers but only promises that everything will be great, there are two variations here: you face bilkers or they don’t have a work plan. You should avoid both of these variations, everything you will obtain from such “developers” is headache or lost money. During the conversation you have to follow 3 main aspects to know that you face a wrong company:

  • representative can’t give you any details about how they actually are going to work on your project
  • he/she doesn’t ask questions and is not interested in extra information
  • representative gives you too good timelines and offers a discount without any reason

“Ideal” company you’ve never heard about

Here we talk about companies that are ultimate on words. They say they develop tons of applications, speak that they have an army of experienced developers but don’t show them without reasons.

You should also ask a representative of a company about their rejections. App Store policy is not the thing that is easy to understand so rejections are unavoidable. Rejections at least mean that these developers are not newbies so they are not bilkers. If there are no rejections at all, it’s a proper time to get doubtful. The good chances are you are being deceive.

Too low rates

As a business owner you, of course, want to save budget on mobile app development but you don’t need to go too far. Companies usually work with the hourly rate and it varies from region to region.

You need to know that US and Western Europe developers are usually the most highly paid. But does it mean the best service? Actually not always, they charge a lot because of their countries economy and pretty high prices.

Conversely, Indian developers charge relatively low. But such attractive prices could cost you a lot in a long-term perspective. You risk to stay at the bottom of the ladder, because good developers appreciate their work and will not take a project if the money is too little. Exceptions are when the dev team is new to market and they need your reviews for their portfolio.

Mobile app development is the thing you don’t have to be greedy about. Great quality product is much more beneficial then saving a few hundred dollars.

They put the carriage before the horse

The nature of todays’ business is that rules change constantly. So starting a project without a proper preparation is half the way to failure. Technical specification helps to explain how you see the future project to development company.

Before starting the development, you have to understand that company you have chosen has a clear plan. A good partner will not just nod their head and blindly perform everything what you say but will also give you some advices and recommendations if they are relevant.

Technical specification is the first thing to do before the development. You can create it on your own but a good company should make their own propositions to adapt to your requirements.

Finding a good app development company can be a bit complicated task. We hope that these advices will help you to make a proper choice. Using these statements, you will boost your apps’ creation and avoid unnecessary headache. you can also contact us for more detailed information.