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Security and compliance

We use special algorithms in our security system. With its help our company can defend your private information and your confidential data.

In this statement we describe different aspects, such as: Internet Security, PCI DSS Compliance, HIPAA & Hitech Compliance, Cobit Compliance.

This problem is really essential and the problem of cyber security is important for all kinds of people nowadays. We think that web site security logs should be audited on a continuous basis and stored in a secure location

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Thunderrise uses modern security arrangement. In our project we interact with powerful defence system. Our Security Defense Strategy has two main roads:

  • First, you would be guaranteed all of the resources needed to maintain constant alert to new security issues. You would ensure that all patches and updates are done at once!
  • Second, use a web scanning applicatons to test your existing equipment and web site code to see if a known sensibilities actually exists. Network and web site sensitivity scanning is the most efficient security investment of all

Our team provides secure way of development. Thunderrise's projects are permanently verified by specific applications. Our developers use licensed software and that's why you may rest assured that your project would be developed in the right company!

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