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Radio Industries


Market Overview

According to statista.com, almost 66 million americans use online radio services monthly, and this number is predicted to grow steadily.

Pandora and Spotify are the frontrunners of the online music playing industry.

The number of Pandora’s active users grew from 7 million in 2009 to 47.6 million in 2012 and to the whole of 81 million in 2015. And who would’ve thought, 91% of Pandora listeners use mobile application over the web version.

Furthermore, it was announced in March 2017 that Spotify had over 50 million worldwide users who paid for subscription.

Radio Application

Application’s Main Features

When it comes to radio apps, there is only so much to scratch one’s head over. The users are fully interested in the content, so you gotta take care of providing it properly and add nice suitable UI/UX - and voila! - your product meets success.

However, we can can offer you some aces to put up your sleeve, so take a good look at what features you can implement to make your product even better:

  • Be adjustable - let your users personalize their playlists by skipping the track, picking artists and genres, liking and disliking tracks so the next picks are based on the preference.
  • Add live stream hosts or allow video playback.
  • Implement a location service and offer users their local news stream.
  • Offer paid subscription enabling users to skip more song, save track to listen offline, create more playlists etc.

Radio Application
How to Create a Radio App

Radio apps do not have the widest range of functionality, but there are features that are optional and of creator’s preference. With that being said, we have created a list of functions that we find crucial for a music player app:

  • Authorization
  • Categorization and creating personalized playlists
  • Geolocation services
  • Payment gateway
  • Social networks integration
  • Design

Do you have a question?

A note from Thunderrise:

Developing these features takes about 500 hours, and a team of iOS dev, Android dev, web dev, and a designer will be able to finish off in about two months.

Of course the final price would depend on the desired features and your developer’s hourly rate.

If you want to get an estimation and develop your own radio app, make sure to contact us.

Go here if you you are interested in getting more information on the topic.