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QA, Testing - White box testing

White-box testing

Next stage in QA testing is a White-box testing. Main goal of this methodology is to verify internal code logics that mean checking step by step whole algorithm of the program. It allows to check the underlying structure of the program. Since such a testing requires profound knowing of the code and internal processes and average user cannot perform white-box testing.

White-box testing might be conducted in two ways - static and dynamic. While static method is basically reviewing a code without running a program dynamic testing is observing code in work. To improve our product quality with use both methods with addition of code coverage analysis and debug-mode to simplify specific aspects.

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In software development the hardest to process QA is while working with large integrated subsystems. Since the databases are enormous we are ought to split code in blocks and perform testing on each and ensure they work together correctly. It will surely lengthen testing time but it is necessary to verify unexplained failures that are difficult to eliminate without white-box testing.

If you have any questions about how white-box testing conducts you are always welcome to contact our team.