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QA, Testing - Usability testing

Usability testing

Usability testing is another inalienable step in QA process. It’s main goal is to find out whether user’s interaction with your app is fairly intuitive and comfortable for target audience. You have to agree that from the point of a user you would also leave a site that may be colourful and contain useful information but lack in simplicity and plainness of navigating it.

Usability testing gives an important valuation of comfortability of working with an app on different aspects:

  • efficiency - how many time and steps may the user need in order to complete basic tasks (registration, purchase etc.)
  • accuracy - has any error occured due to actions done by user and which?
  • user recall - how much does user remember about working with an of app?
  • emotional response - what kind of emotions were awaken? Will an user recommend the system to the friends?
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All this information gives us a better understanding on user’s opinion about current product and a glimpse of insights on how to improve it.

So to hold a proper usability test our QA engineers create a scenario or realistic situation first wherein a user performs some tasks using the product then observe and take notes. The aim is to observe how users would behave during product using, so that developers can see problem areas and what people prefer. We also use such techniques as think aloud protocol, co-discovery learning, eye tracking and even involve expert reviewing.

After the usability testing process has ended our marketing analysts will make a thorough report on results and draw a final conclusion on how would be best to organize site or app navigation so that user could find the right information or right product asap. We care for our customers and we help them care about theirs customers as well that is why our solutions will be most simple natural and effective.