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QA, Testing - Gray box testing

Gray-box testing

Black-box and white-box testing techniques cannot be the one and only testing process in QA because each process is oriented on the extrinsic or the intrinsic side of the program. Separately they aren’t efficient since they provide only half of essential results. But we can actually make them emerge into one gray-box testing.

Gray-box technique is utilized to detect problems connected to continuous stream of data, because this sort of errors are difficult to find by using black-box or white-box method.

Mostly gray-box method is used for testing web applications; they are composed of software and hardware components and require to be revised on the accuracy of their interaction. It includes high-level design, operating environment and compatibility conditions.

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In Thunderrise we use such techniques of gray-box testing:

  • Matrix Testing;
  • Regression testing;
  • Pattern Testing;
  • Orthogonal array testing.

As Gray-box testing is combined of white-box and black-box testing, it serves advantages from both testing processes. Also it has non-invasive nature which is beneficial since no code changes are implied.

There are many subtle aspects about gray-box testing appliance, but we can make you assure that Thunderrise QA engineers will fix one and every problem they locate during testing process. If you have concrete questions about gray-box testing our consultants are always ready to give you full report on your point of interest.