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QA, Testing - Black box testing

Black-box testing

Back Box method is one of multiple methodic we use to verify condition of the app or website. The main statement “a program is a black box”, it means we don't have to access the code and only test app’s interface functionality. This stage is held in purpose to locate errors which user could experience while using an app.

We use different types of black-box testing. The most common are:

  • User story testing
  • Domain analysis
  • Equivalence partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis
  • Cause-effect graph
  • Error guessing, etc.
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We will not describe each method minutely since it’s a work for a whole new article. Instead you can always contact us to specify details you’re interested in.

Black-box testing is the first phase of the long QA testing process. Since an application as well as a website is a complex working we apply a complex testing process accordingly. It contains multiple iterations that are testing not the whole program but a small subset to explore the data more thoroughly.

Thunderrise will investigate each tiny aspect to make it ascertain that your app or website user gets the best user experience he ever had.