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QA, Testing - A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Along with providing marketing services such as SEO and SMM we have technical testing for marketing research - A/B testing. Investigating last tendencies about best decisions in interface design or what solutions bring best user experience is not enough. That is why A/B testings are utilized; they serve to increase key figures of a web or mobile app by testing alternative designs of your web or app design.

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Mechanism of A/B testing is the most popular in increasing conversion of the site. It consists in dividing incoming users in two parts and showing them two different versions of the website or application. The difference between two versions might be inconspicuous at a first glance but make an intense impact on auditory behavior. Test involves anything that might inflict the positive conversion outcome - font, background style, size of different elements, color solutions etc. It’s important to differ users in equal proportions. When gathering information is finished our analyst compare result and make a conclusion of which option brought higher conversion and is more suited to be used. After the test process ends our developers implement the final results into the product.

By conducting A/B testing you will get a nice product and a clear understanding of what customers expect out of your product, their needs and preferences. Our QA engineers and marketing analysts will improve your site ratings and app attractiveness by applying results of A/B testing. With this your auditory will be more content with your product and your business make a step closer to thriving.

Thunderrise will suggest you the most resultative solutions in web and app design and make your A/B testing most effective.