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Push Notifications

Push Notifications


Push technology is very spread nowadays among all big companies. It’s a very simple way to advertise some product or service directly to clients smartphones. Why is it so popular? Unlike pull notification technology where servers need users request for some information, push technology works in opposite way and sends all the content that user is subscribed on without his request.
Push notifications
Subscription is the most popular way to spread push notifications, for example, e-bulletin that are sent on emails.  Not everyone knows what are push notifications? These are technologies like:

  • Instant messaging
  • Synchronous conferencing
  • SMTP email systems

Different devices and operation systems rely on different systems to deliver push notifications. Push notifications in IOS are implemented by means of Apple  Service (APNS) interface. Google has its counterpart for push notifications in Android. It is FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging). But it’s only one part of push technology. To provide notifications you also need your applications server that will send notifications to push servers. Your audience has to reach these messages somehow, so your application must support push notifications.
Push notifications

After a user gives his permission on receiving notifications, app sends a unique ID to push server. Further, this ID will be sent to an app owners server. When app author wants to send a notification to a client, he creates a message and a list of IDs using special API and sends it to a push server. In his turn, push servers sends these messages to clients smartphones

Push technology can be targeted to different parts of your audience, and can even be personalized for specific user. Comparing to SMS texting it’s much more convenient so it’s an advantage that is hard to overestimate.

Today users are hard to astonish. So all messages they receive need to be informational. So messaging strategies need to be measured and tested. Analytics is a very important tool for improving app’s value so don’t disregard it.