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Pros and Cons of outsourcing mobile app development

Pros and Cons of outsourcing mobile app development


Almost everybody has recognized the fact that a mobile application is really necessary for up-to-date business. And those who didn’t recognize are very close to this conclusion. Let’s take an obvious example “how to spend an evening?”, then we could find some applications with posters about how to get to the chosen location, how to look where traffic jams are, what menu is in the restaurant and to make a reservation while you are on your way. That is just one example and there are a lot of similar ones now.

For that reason, a company should have a multifunctional and easy to use mobile application that could attract new clients and keep the existent ones.

Thus, an issue raises: whether is it worth to give your application development to the outsourcing or develop it yourself? For developers from Thunderrise both of the variants have their pros and cons and your choice must depend on your requirements. Let’s have a look at advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing development of mobile application to have a full action plan for future.

Pros and cons of mobile application development

Reducing costs. One of the greatest advantages of mobile outsourcing is budget save. You can not only reduce the development costs, but also invest in finding new strategies.

A company can save a lot of money through outsourcing. Thus, you can avoid of hiring any own employees and an outsourcing company has usually to be paid much less. Also there’s no need to pay any additional taxes on employee, workplace and equipment.

Outsourcing also excludes the need to invest time, efforts and money in recruitment and training of personnel. Thus, you can devote yourself to other important tasks. Through mobile outsourcing development you get a high quality at a low price. In most cases it is cheaper than hiring and maintaining a qualified personnel. You have no need to pay vacation, medical leave etc. Taxes on employees’ wages are also cancelled.

Most often, you will have to pay a fixed price to a hired company that significantly simplify financial planning.

Through outsourcing, an organization can save its time and efforts needed for mobile development infrastructure. An outsourcing company has all necessary equipment.

Risk reduction. Outsourcing is an excellent solution for risk ratio reduction of your company. You have no need to follow the project or worry about absence of employees or delays in proceeding. Outsourcing company guarantees project completion just in time. And the company-developer will assume full risk. All organization moments as well as downtime due to disease or leave of someone from team members will be assumed by a outsourcing company.

In fact, you will provide the work for people who love their business and are specialists in their field. This means it wouldn’t take your time and money for training and motivating the personnel.

Outsourcing companies do their best for maintaining their reputation on the market. So entrusting your product development to such a company, be sure of the result quality.

High quality in less time. In most cases you can be sure of high quality service. Those companies who are specialized on this niche work only with talented people to provide the best result. On the other hand, hiring a new employee you will always have a risk level. He can be not qualified for work on a specific project.

Outsourcing companies can significantly accelerate the process of mobile application development. This conclusion can be done based on the experience that they have gained doing outsourcing development of other projects.

The developers team’s main goal is to provide you with a quality and working application. Because a pleased client could give a piece of advice about it to someone else.

You will be able to concentrate on the main business tasks while outsourcing developers take care of site or application development.

On the basis of highly competitive on the market every outsourcing company tries to provide quick and efficient result. That is a big plus for you as a client.

Cons of mobile application outsourcing

Possible shortcomings in the security system of outsourcing company can turn out to be a serious problem. However, it can be solved by understood specification in the agreement that is to define access of both sides. This way clients can be sure of confidential information won’t become publicly available.

In some cases, there may be problems of quality control. But in most cases outsourcing companies make everything for maintaining their reputation providing a high quality service. A company with a good reputation always adheres to high standards and constantly communicates with clients. There are sufficient tools for effective engagement, for example signing a non-disclosure agreement will enable you to be confident your project information will not go beyond the office.
Implementation of small changes can be complex and expensive. In internal projects you can change whatever and whenever you want and you won’t have to make extra payment to your employees for that. Nowadays such changes will cost a lot if you hire outsourcers.

Misunderstanding of business requirements or available information could be frustrating when you produce a final product. It is important to explain your requirements properly otherwise you will have to suffer loss.

It is also essential to take into account pros and cons of passing the development to outsource before establishing a project. We always advise to think everything over building on project requirements and decide what suits you best. However, choosing outsourcers with great reputation like Thunderrise is a wise decision which will bring a good result and there’s no reason to doubt! So feel free to contact us and together we can discuss the further development.