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Newspaper/Magazine App Development

Newspaper/Magazine App Development


As we always say in our blog: everything is going mobile. No matter what people think about it, it just happens. We face the time when paper mediums constantly recede into past. Bad or good, it’s a reality. People more and more turn to their smartphones as a news source so business owners and mobile developers should appreciate it.

But declining paper mediums doesn’t mean that people don’t need newspapers at all. No need to investigate why social media and news websites/applications reach more popularity than printed newspapers. It’s just about changing the shape but core stays the same.

Think about how much does a newspaper cost? A dollar or two, right? So every month you spend $30 for everyday news. Application appears to be more profitable in case if it’s at least paid. It’s another reason to refuse from printed news. We will speak about it later.

hybrid vs native
Hybrid VS Native

There’s an opinion that choosing a hybrid platform will lessen the cost of building an app. Actually, it’s true because you simultaneously create an app for all platforms. But there’s an side of the coin. Native applications bring better user experience. Let’s have a look at advantages in favor of native app development:

Higher security level. Native apps are more resistible to security accidents and frauds. User is protected from SQL injections, account cracks and hacks, bugs and other unwanted things that should spoil user experience.

Adaptive design. Native applications can boast their good looking design that is almost impossible to implement to hybrid ones. Adaptive design helps apps to obtain their own unique look and excel from competitors.

Widespread. Above mentioned features lead to another thing: native apps are the must-have for all good companies. Hybrid solutions have become non comme il faut for a good project especially if it’s a newspaper or magazine app.

Platforms. What to choose.

As we’ve convinced you to choose a native app, here’s another question: what OS to create it for? Usually, developers do the talking about IOS and Android. Keep in mind that actually the best solution is to create an app for both platforms but if you have a limited budget or you’re not sure in success, you have to choose. As we speak about newspaper app, you have to choose the most popular platform in your region.

IOS is more widespread in North America and Western Europe, Britain and Japan so it’s a good idea to create an IOS-first application for these areas. Conversely, Android platform is more popular in Eastern Europe, Asia (especially China), Australia, South America and Africa. Keep in mind that creating a one-platform application is a good idea for checking the audience feedback. For example, if your app gets popularity among IOS users, you don’t have to stop it and create an Android one in addition. Such strategy will double your revenue.


It’s really important to decide what features your application should have as early as possible. Let’s have a look at some must-have functions:

Personalized feed. It’s a good advantage comparing to website that just dump everything that happened on one screen and user has to search something that he’s interested in. You can offer users to have an instance access to topics they want to read. It can be done using tags. After creating an account (it’s a must-have too) user should choose topics or writers he wish to read and you can use tags to implement this feature.

Convenient navigation. This feature evolves from the previous one and its’ aim is to speed up users interaction. They don’t want to browse tons of screens especially when the internet is low. Tab bar animations, user panel, side menus and other design solutions are here for you.

Streaming. It’s not actually a must-have so consider it as just a good idea. You can implement broadcast of interesting people talk about something on a live stream. Just like a radio but in your app. It mustn't be 24/7 but maybe once a week. For example, users that have chosen the tag “football” will really appreciate to ask a question to the star of yesterday's match using your app.


So how much does it cost to make a magazine or newspaper app? The total cost depends on a huge variety of aspects:

  • Amount of platforms
  • Preset or custom design
  • Origin country of a developers team
  • Amount of features

Roughly speaking, a basic kit of such app with attractive design, convenient navigation, with categories and tags will cost you from $7000 to $15000 (depending on a hourly rate of dev team).

If case if you want to implement additional features like animations, video/audio content support, custom UX/UI design, personalized feed, cost will evidently grow. Such complex solution will cost $20000-35000. Once, again it depends on a dev team.

If you still have some questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll answer all of them. Have an idea of developing a newspaper app? We can help.