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Mobile App Development For Law Firms

Mobile App Development For Law Firms


Nowadays reality makes everyone ponder on further development of effective marketing strategy and tools to accomplish it. Law Firms aren't an exception from this rule. It’s time to admit that we live in a cruel app world and pursuing important trends is a compulsive condition for business to succeed.

An obligation to create an application might seem harsh on modern business, especially startups but the benefits a business would get out of an app are far more exceeding possible losses.

What kind of benefits a Law Firm can possibly get?

  1. Optimized working process;
  2. Saved time and money;
  3. Evolved service quality for existing customers;
  4. Enabled 24/7 remote access to facilities;
  5. Enhanced brand awareness;
  6. Increased potential clients inflow;
  7. Greatened amount of clients who prefered exactly your firm over others.
Mobile App Development For Law Firms

Of course all the possible benefits will be gained only if certain principles are maintained, such as:

  • determined app’s main purpose;
  • defined target market;
  • elaborated app promotion strategy;
  • nice design and useful functionality, etc.

If not then don’t bother wasting your money. These principles are based on experience of 2013-2014 when a great surge in law app development was registered. Since provided functionality of law apps in majority simply repeated of web-site’s, it was strongly criticized. But in just a couple of years everything has changed and now it is possible to create a whole new dimension of communicating with a client. And that’s what we are going to do.

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Types of Law Apps

A law app must be something a user would want or need to use time and again; something that contains substantial information; a tool that will make life easier. There are different law apps that make life easier in a different way. Let’s review some of them and decide if they would be of any help to you.

Client Law App

A law app fully oriented to your clients needs and to your own comfort of communication. Thus an app plays the role of a private messenger with protected connection, supporting multiple types of files to share them immediately in case of emergency.

For this type of law app push-notifications is a must-have option, so you could supply your clients with the most recent information about their case or other important news. A simple explanation of what was done about your client’s problem would make them feel secure and appreciate your job more.

Educational App

Due to countless reasons people cannot afford to visit seminars or conferences. Considering their precious time you can develop an educational app and provide all kinds of relevant content - seminar videos, presentations, quizzes or even start a podcast. If students find it useful an app will spread fast and build recognizability and trustworthy for your brand. Who knows, maybe todays students will become your clients or co-workers tomorrow.

Trainee App

Today students are extremely attached to their smartphones. So to recruit a prominent ones and potent co-workers you should use this opportunity and create an app that attracts students, provides primal information about your law firm and vacancies you offer. Also through the app notifications of upcoming events and updates can be sent. Including a training element to help showing what the trainee can expect when they join the firm can be a good idea.
Mobile App Development For Law Firms

Private App

It’s wise to create your own private app in purposes of managing the work process and protecting internal information. Such app is only available to your own team and provides updates on what the firm is currently doing, achievements, events, critical information and secure downloads.

Specific Area Legal App

If your law firm specifies in a certain field denote it just like that through the app that will contain vital information in this field. Demonstrate your superiority in knowledge and practice by answering personal questions of your potential clients in the app.

Also a good decision would be to answer modern society needs, for example, gather all the legal info in fresh sphere like IT.

Personalised Law App

If your law firm grew enough and has a lot of various cases to share, create a law app that contains filters on information a user might be interested in.

Daily News App

Just to broaden your influence and to be always publicly exposed you can create a News App to update your clients and loyal readers of company's news or important legal updates. If an independent app is too much, the idea can be implemented as a thread on a separate screen in primal app, e.g Clients App.
Mobile App Development For Law Firms

Tax App

Help your clients to measure their future taxes. Though it’s accountants privilege, make tax issue a tiny bit easier for mortals.

Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive and always can be complemented with new types of law apps. We only listed those functionalities that most used nowadays.

So let’s sum up what kind of features a law app should include.

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Must-have features of a Law App:

  • emergency call 911 (it’s vital)
  • immediate attorney call;
  • arranging a meeting with attorney;
  • quick and comfortable search through app’s data;
  • asking online questions;
  • taking notes, highlighting text, bookmarks;
  • cloud synchronization;
  • various types of data support;
  • push-up notifications.

Additional features for a Law App:

  • guides and tips on accidents situation;
  • a search for the nearest hospital;
  • an option to send links with GPS locations;
  • storage for vital information;
  • law dictionary for non-lawyers;
  • calendar for firm’s events;
  • enable users to send you captured info about accident.

If you have any ideas on how to create the most prominent law app this world ever has seen, please allow Thunderrise development team to join in this affair and help you to implement your idea into life!