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Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design


When it comes to mobile app development, design is one of the most influential factors alongside of server part and other functions. To succeed, your app must provide a good user experience. With so many apps being launched in past few years, app designers need to be more and more creative to make their products stand out.
Mobile app design
Mobile app design is an extremely complicated process that requires tons of energy, time and resources. Designers main task is to assure user's interactions with the app as comfortable as possible.

Today, in a world of mobilizing internet, both app designers and developers are in a strong demand of user interface. UI design is based on user experience so designers have to combine simplicity in usage and attractiveness to succeed. Keeping these things balanced is vital to create a mobile app design.

When it comes to app designing, there are two big aspects to think about - UI and UX. Learning best UX and UI practices is unavoidable part of any app development.

Here are the several principles that will tell you how to design a mobile app correctly.

  • Simplicity principle. The design should make all app functions to perform simply and clearly so interaction with an app won’t steal users nerves.
  • Structural principle. The UI should be organized intentionally. Models must be evident and recognizable to user, related things must be together, unrelated must be separated
  • Visibility principle. Every feature that user may need must be visible without distracting him. There is no place for unneeded information in order to avoid user confusion
  • Principle of feedback. The designer should keep users informed about changes, updates or other actions that are done with an app design. The information should be provided with clear and familiar to user language.

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