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Making a Vine Clone App

Making a Vine Clone App


Video blogging has become a solid part of modern media. Vine app has transformed this industry. Among millennials, Vine videos go down a treat nowadays. They are usually funny 6 seconds videos and the reigning feature is to show as much as this short timeframe can.

Built in 2012, Vine app is still the most popular app for Vine videos creation. But its’ functionality is difficult to call “large”. You can shoot a 6 seconds video, speed it up, add photos and share it on social networks. Editing potential is minimized.

What users need to create a Vine video? Just a device camera and then they need to edit the video they’ve filmed, add music and some effects. As these things are done, users are offered to share it with their followers on social networks. Usually, Vine videos are used to capture the best moments of users life and relive them or show them to friends. But Vine is also a great tool for professional video blogging. You can film short funny sketches or memes to get likes.


According to Vine success, there’s a reason to think that it’s good idea to create a Vine clone app. So let’s have a look at the best competitors.

Viddly. It’s the total Vine clone with only one difference: video length is limited by 30 seconds instead of 6. It allows to show more feelings and memorize them.

Imovie. It doesn’t limit users with any length. This app also provides free filters, uploading videos from gallery, adding photos, music, voicing over and a lot of other good stuff.

Vind. An absolute copy of Vine with only one exception. It provides users with in-built filters.

Keek. This app limits your video up to 36 seconds. It’s more than enough to film something funny. The only exception from Vine is that you can save projects to finish them later. There’s also a “follow friends” feature so the social aspect is bigger than competitors.

WeVideo. It’s also a great tool for creating a Vine clip. It limits users video up to 1 minute. They can also upload the video from gallery or YouTube channel to apply one of 11 filters available. It also can create a slideshow of photos that will swipe in an appropriate speed and a chosen track on the background.

How to make a Vine app clone

You need to include similar functionality to create a Vine-like application. Let’s have a quick look at some crucial features that every Vine clone should have:

  • Ability to shoot video - the access to devices camera
  • Ability to adjust speed. The core Vine feature is that you can accommodate a lot of sense in a very short period of time.
  • Basic video editing. This includes cutting, splitting, duplicating and so on.
  • Social sharing. Vines are made for social networks so it’s really essential to implement sharing to the most popular SMs (FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

These are the most needed. But in order to win the competition, it’s a good idea to implement something unique. Let’s list some additional features:

  • Search engine. If your app is not only about filming Vines but also about their storage, your users will be glad to watch videos from other users. So you need to provide them the way to search videos.
  • Tagging is a great tool for search engine, so tag filter is a great idea.
  • Messaging and commenting. The more social your application is, the more audience you can cover.

For a good development team, creating a Vine clone app is not a lot complicated task. On our approximate estimation it will take from 2 to 3 months. But as always, it’s not easy to name the final cost just from the beginning, because there are so much things that depend on it. If you want to create an app for both iOS and Android, you should double the above mentioned time.

As the Vine market is not new, it has stagnation because now there are more up-to-time platforms for video sharing. But it doesn’t mean that making a Vine clone app will not pay off. Users are still looking for an application that will allow them to film short videos and they want a stylish design. As a business owner, you can keep the core idea but enhance it and great a great user-friendly and functional product with filters, stickers, stories and all those things that made Instagram and other modern social networks popular.

If you want to break the market with your fascinating idea, feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions and consult you about the development.