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Main announces from Apple WWDC 2017

Main announces from Apple WWDC 2017


On June the 5th Apple company has presented Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 from San Jose. Among expected announcements there were such operating systems as iOS 11, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. In addition, Apple has presented a new 10,5-inch iPad, updates for MacBook Pro, 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air. And the “smart” speaker with Siri support has become a gadget of “One more thing…”

This autumn you will get another iOS update for iPhone and Ipad. The most impatient ones can launch iOS 11 now. But it is the weakest beta-version so we do not recommend you to do this but you can try at your own risk. At the same time there was hang an instruction how to backup. Here you can see what more Apple hasn’t been talking about during the presentation. Well, here are 9 main advances of the system.


The helper speaks in a more pleasant voice, it became more human or something. It concerns both man’s and woman’s voices. Siri learned to work as an interpreter, this function concerns only several languages now: Chinese, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. The assistant memorizes that you watch and search and then selects some useful content. If you have been searching for Island, it will show you Island news if you are suddenly going to relax there. Apple wants to turn Siri into something more than a system with voice prompts. It will be a smart and useful helper which will be able to predict your desires.


Now you can drag a picture out of Live Photo and make it a preview miniature. And there were added some effects so you can get a cycle animation in Boomerang style, just click on the button. Besides, new photo and video formats have appeared to save the place for storage.


Finalized city maps, improved navigation, speed limit, hints for highway driving have been already existed in Google Maps, but now Apple Maps has also become a little more convenient. A new mode “Do not disturb while driving” was introduced: all notifications are deactivated for not to disturb a driver.

Menu design

Control Center was fundamentally redone, now you can also add any functions on your own. Screen recorder and new calculator were added, some of icons were redone, adjustable keyboard for left or right hand usage.


iOS 11 has taught iPad to move data through drag-n-drop: pictures, text or anything. You can see all data through “Files” application, it will show what is stored in memory. And what is more, it works with third-party cloud services: Google Drive, OneDrive and others. Now an unlimited number of applications desktop items is stored in the Doc with icons and signings to these badges are removed. A new launched applications menu has appeared, it gets easier to work with all programs in the background. iPad has become one step closer to Mac, it’s great.


Now messages are synchronized from iCloud so all correspondence can be transferred from old device to the new one without copying data from backup, it will be also transferred automatically. One would like to believe that if a message is marked as read on one device, it will be the same on others and you will not have to reopen every window with correspondence.

New App Store

Application looks completely different, like Apple News or Apple Music. Page “Today” has appeared, it will show an appropriate content based on user’s preferences. On the one hand, it kind of got prettier but rare items will be harder to search. Only the most popular and trendy will be in sight again.

Apple Pay

The popularity of Apple Pay only increases, this year it will be maintained by half the Americans retailers. Now you can also send money through iMessages to each other, it is a very simple and convenient way to give back.


HomeKit works though AirPlay 2 with a new smart speaker HomePod. You can control volume in separate rooms, cheap system with multiroom is great. AirPlay 2 will also maintain other manufacturers’ speakers, eventually will have only benefits.