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iPhone App Design

iPhone App Design


Apple is all about aesthetics and those who says the opposite has never laid a fingertip on iPhone nor felt a Macbook in their hands. Aesthetics is an apple essence, you may say. And to coincide iPhone elegance iOS applications must be designed as elegantly.
Let’s start from common things. To capture a criminal you must think as a criminal. So to come up with a fine iPhone design appreciated by your users, you must think like your user. Imаgine you are the one to utilize this app, so where would you think this one button or function must be situated, where will you try find it? What colors will be pleasant for you to see? Oк do it another way - simply ask your user. It might be a survey with a question whether it’s comfortable to read with a picked font and size, etc. Options are unlimited, feedback is important.
iPhone App Design

Next step you may take is to investigate on your competitors. They say we are prompt to see a speck in others eye but fail to notice a beam in our own. So the suggestion is to seek for your competitors specks and try not to repeat their mistakes, but proudly make your own.

Last but not the least! The most important and insightful recommendations on the topic are given in Apple Guidelines. They mastered a stack of efficient design principles under the name Human Interface Guidelines or HIG. It contains great information on whatever from different elements sizes and types to alerts, colors and fonts. Make sure to have a look at what Apple professional designers recommend, because they will definitely not shoot the breeze.

Two most essential things you should always remember when you design app for iPhone are Intuitiveness and Simplicity. Leave the performance to Thunderrise specialists since there is no such thing that can’t be designed or developed in iOS to them. If you chose to cooperate with Thunderrise Dev Team you will never regret a single cent spent. We listen to every little detail of the idea and give our best to make it into an iPhone app design.
Still have a question "How to design an IPhone app?" Just contact us and we ill provide personal consultation.