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iBeacon Software - Personal business use

Personal business use

For business owners IBeacon advantages are not so easy to overestimate. Retail outlets adopt this technology to offer a product information to their customers, advertise new collections, discounts etc. It also speeds up the way of checkout process because it makes it totally contactless.

Consumers also benefit from IBeacon. This technology is a foundation of so called “smart homes”. For example, SH automatically turns on lights in a room as a user with a smartphone has entered it. Providing this technology to a social life also has lots of advantages. Users will have an instant access to all the information about a painting in gallery, empty spots for parking, how long to wait for a bus.

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iBeacon has a lot of advantages for your personal business such as:

  • Tracking. You could keep a track at your employees and monitor all moves of your customers
  • Automation. You could also use this technology as an advertising medium.
  • Cost effectiveness. You could imagine the cost that you would have to undergo if you set up Near Field Communication in your office rather than iBeacons
  • Micro location. You could conveniently download navigation even inside your office premises

Thunderrise employment iBeacon for personal business and business of our client. With the help of it we increase monthly income exponentially.

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