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How to Use NDA for IT Development

How to Use NDA for IT Development


NDA or Non-Disclosing Agreement is a legal document between two parties that concludes types of confidential information that parties wish to share but also to restrict others from its usage. And damn, it’s an incredibly delicate topic in IT!
It’s a fine line where interests of ideas and methodology safety collide with interests of showing and using available experience. So how to make things work? Answer is somewhere within sensible middle.

Hiring party has at least 5 fine reasons to ask developer to sign NDAs, but it has to be done the right way as developers are timid beasties.

So, what are those reasons?

  1. security of method authenticity;
  2. trade secrets safety;
  3. protection of your current partnerships;
  4. significant investments preservation;
  5. third party proceeding.

How to Use NDA for IT Development
You are first on the market - it’s wise to rise a point of NDA signing.

You have an important information leaking of which can essentially damage your reputation in future or give an advantage to your competitors - discuss NDA.

Your partner has - try NDA.

The bigger investments - the greater the need of NDA.

Some strangers involved - NDA.

Why these reasons exactly? As simple as it is, they sound reasonable and sensible to both parties.

What are your actions?

The key point here is when to bring up an issue. Offering NDA before even outlining the idea appears to be rude and show mistrust. To start negotiations on such a note will not guarantee you a blessed long-term partnership. So start the subject on that stage when you talk about specific mechanisms if it’s methodology you need to protect. In other words, on the stage the need occurs ask your developer whether NDA an agreeable way to work things out.

No need to rush, but there is a need to trust.