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How to Outsource App Development

How to Outsource App Development


If you have made a decision to outsource development of your mobile application it means that you’ve gathered and analyzed massive range of info on local app development services costs and quality, on whether outsourcing is going to benefit your business, considered possible risks, compared these two alternatives and chosen optimization and hurdles over expenses and comfortability. To make your path less challenging we made a review on how to outsource app development sagaciously.

Canary in the coal mine of an app development outsourcing

Before we started let’s point out some hallmarks you need to be alert of. They are:

  • extremely low costs;
  • no contact info;
  • wire transfers.

How to outsource app development
Why paying so much attention to such trivial things? Well, we consider them proved indicators that as a result you might get a low quality product and waste your time and money for nothing.

Extremely low costs. They say, you reap what you sow. If you you sowed too little, you can’t reap out of it too much. Well, the proverb’s original meaning isn’t put like this, but I hope you understood my point. Highly qualified freelance app developers won’t take a job with $ 10-20 hourly rate as it costs in India, they at least charge $ 40-80 as they value their efforts. And the chances that outsourcing app development will lead to wasting your time and money increase dramatically as hourly rate drops. Of course freelance app developers cost per hour depends on location you outsource from. To clear the suspicions try to compare average costs onsite. Statistics say that the best correlation between quality and price is considered to reside in Eastern Europe.

No contact info is simply a strange fact nowadays. The first thought coming to mind, you might be dealing with a fraud. Bear in mind that availability of one and only contact is suspicious. There are overseas companies that buy U.S.-based area codes to pretend being native app development team. And as work is done and money are paid, the contact number can easily become dead with no opportunity to make a claim or else. So as a precaution try to gather as much information about company as you can.

Wire transfers aren’t that safe comparing to using a credit card. And any credible app development company accepts credit card payment just fine.
How to outsource app development

Important steps and tips on how to out source app development

Stage 1: Preparation

Of course you have been developing an app idea for ages, so it's totally elaborated, but to work with a developer you need to be reaaaally specific on the details. Here is some basics you need to outline even before you start searching for developer:

  • a description of what kind of app you want (social, music, sport, travel, etc.)
  • a list of key features of your app (geolocation, messaging, calls, etc);
  • a list of optional features (making coffee and dressing up children. What? At least you can try ask for those);
  • a list of apps similar to yours (the more - the merrier and easier for developer to understand your idea).

Also you would totally need to decide the platform - IOS or Android. There is a common opinion that developing an app for iPhone and adjust it for IPad is the best solution. Steps iPhone app and iPad app take to be developed from scratch are the same and coding is also similar. But you shouldn't forget all the pros of Android app development as well.

Do you have a question?

Stage 2: Search and pick

Nowadays market is full of freelance mobile app developers that strive to develop your mobile application. Choice is abundant, but how to find an app developer and come up trumps?

First, you need to know where to look at. Outsourcing app development company can be found at specialized websites and catalogs like:

Also there is an option to search through design portfolios on Dribbble or Behance. And with some coding experience you can try choose by judging on quality of content that company shares on GitHub.

Second, you need to differ best out of else. What to look for while choosing your developer?

  1. Investigate on your potential developer clients
  2. Find developer’s apps that you can test
  3. Look for contact info and payment terms

If you have to go deeper...
How to outsource app development

...heed the following:

Stage 3: First contact

Now, when you’ve done tone of investigations, you want to choose that perfect firm you’ve read about. But hold your horses a bit, first contact might change everything. Communication is the base of successful outsourcing application development project, without clear understanding between parties efficient workflow can’t be possible; and as a result instead of a fine app you might get sheer disappointment and stress. To avoid that you need to notice:

  • how the communication process is conducted;
  • how responsive and friendly the team looks;
  • what range of services developer provides, read, how much team cares for its clients;
  • what kind of management approaches and tools team uses and whether they are flexible, in case you choose to bring in your own tools.

If you set your eye on a specific project of your prospective developer, you might need to check if the members that worked on that project are still on team and are available for new projects. Try talking to team members directly, why not? More personal level means more veracious information.

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Little trick: whereas you use a freelance sources like Upwork, for the sake of an easy app development process you can set up a captcha to distinguish conscientious developer from not-so-conscientious ones by adding in the end of your bid request to put in return post specific phrase like “unicorns are real”. This way you will be assured that developer read through peculiarities of your project and understood your requisitions. Surprisingly enough, this simple barrier makes a huge difference.
How to outsource app development

Stage 4: Partnership

You’ve made up your mind and found your perfect developer that you wish to take all the steps to develop an app of your dream with. Congrats. Now you need to take a look at some patterns of outsourcing app development.

  • Communication barrier. Make sure language barrier will not be an issue for you developers Product Manager. It’s vital that people you collaborate with understand your ideas and share your vision of your future app. Elsewise risk of getting end results that will not meet your expectations significantly increases.
  • Obsolescence. Make sure that you’re dealing with developer who’s in the loop on best practices and tech trends in app culture of your region. If not, require additional research on that issue. Look for a team that worked on projects similar to yours and particularly aimed at the same demographic.
  • Source Code Protection. Defining attributes of trademark and patent law of outsourced developer country can vastly differ from your country norms. India has no patent nor trademark law at all, it means that signing agreement not to use your code or designs might not protect your rights. In this case to lessen risks you can split source code up into independent sections, limit access to databases and forbid sharing of any materials.

To cooperate with outsourced app developer you need thorough, prescriptive brief and documented specifics of your app, that includes:

  • screens of all the sections of the app with labels, buttons and areas outlining what they are and what function they do;
  • step-by-step user flow of what happens while user interacts with app;
  • graphic interface labeled assets.

Your contractor may ask additional questions and you need to answer those as thoroughly as you can. In case of emergencies it would be wise to stay online as much as possible.

Also bear in mind following aspects:

  • project timelines, interim deadlines and expected ship date;
  • ongoing app support;
  • warranty issue;
  • NDA.
How to outsource app development

Stage 5: Consummation

When all steps to making an app are almost donetake careof the next two issues:
  1. Make final payment after app marketplace approvement. Otherwise you lose an opportunity to ask your developer for completion of bug fixes or requested store changes.
  2.  Ask developer to send you a copy of your app project files.

Do you have a question?

Basically you are the owner of the application outsource developer created for you. So if you wish for further collaboration with current developer no more, make sure you possess project files for future updates.

That's pretty much it. As long as you consider the risks and take precautions to mitigate them, outsourcing app development will be beneficial for your business. Hope our review was insightful for you.

If you still search for a fine experienced app development team, Thunderrise Dev Team is the one you were looking for. We care for our clients and aspire to help them reach their goals. Consider our cooperation and contact us. Unicorns are real!