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How to Market Your Mobile App

How to Market Your Mobile App


We are pleased to see you again at Avoid Lightning Bolt column! This article will tell you about the ways to attract and keep users in your app after you have it developed, and the basics of mobile app promotion.

Let’s start with the obvious and most important one, the USEFULNESS. You might think, “WAT? Of course, my app is useful, look at these optimized features, friendly interface, and convenient sharing! And I have already thought ahead a few ways of monetization.” Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, this way of thinking will get you nowhere. And it’s because you think what is good for you, but not for your users.

We are pleased to see you again at Avoid Lightning Bolt column

You need to understand that at this moment App Store and Google Play together offer more than 3.5 million apps! Just think about how many competitors you might have among all these applications.

Users are spoiled with this variety, furthermore, they already have a set of apps that they use everyday for months and years.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up!

Here are a few tips that will help you to make the life of your product imbue and rich:

To develop a successful app for iPhone or Android you should start with Prototyping, as it is the first and one of the most important steps in the creation of a fine product. This process allows to set up the basis of the functionality, project user stories, see how users interact with the app, and evaluate the feasibility of the ideas. It shouldn’t be considered one of marketing tools or strategies but without it, you can forget about the app promotion or success on the market.

After you have validated your ideas and have the prototype it’s time to proceed to design.

Design is closely related to marketing, so here is what you can do to be more attractive to users:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that your custom design meets App Store requirements. All icons, names, descriptions, and other elements must be created in accordance with Apple guidelines.
  • Secondly, you should limit the number of colors and layers. The trend for flat design has put the cleanness and the simplicity on the first place. Colors are an integral part of the brand and products mood in whole. Limiting a number of colors defines the brand colors more specifically and makes the process of navigation simpler for users.
  • Thirdly, the animation in design which not only looks pretty, but also is very convenient. It is statistically proven that enticing animations draw users attention. A gentle and unostentatious animation will create a positive impression of the thorough attention to details and concern for the users.

When you have the design created the development phase starts. And here is another advice from the marketing position:

The small size of the build. You should know that the size of the app matters! Here everything is simple: the larger your build is, the harder it will be to reach the top positions. And even when a pretty massive app hits the top position it won’t stay there for long acquiring small amount of organic installs. So, the developers must pay attention to optimization of the apps resources.

Online application. More and more apps are requiring constant internet connection. They are active and “live”.

And users become more sophisticated in their demands. They are more interested in live social apps than in offline applications.

These were the tips that will help you promote your app for free as they are a part of the development process.

Here are the pieces of advice that shed light on how to promote an app for iOS and for Android markets:

When you are establishing your product you need to think about the mobile app promotion strategies. You should start with the definition of goals and objectives. Most likely, your prime objective will be to reach the top. And here you need to determine what top you are looking for: general or categorial.

General top:

  • Wide target audience (messengers, games, etc.)
  • Short term actuality: a reference to holidays and celebrations or significant events
  • Activity within the promotional campaign of large brand

Categorial top has more specific purposes like retail, food, health, fitness, etc.

We are pleased to see you again at Avoid Lightning Bolt column

Сustomer attraction

There is a variety of ways to attract users but there is no ultimate strategy for iOS or Android app marketing. Here are the key elements that mobile app promotion companies use:

Localization. The more languages supports your app the wider is the outreach of the audience.

Virality. It is perfect when the app grows organically and users share the links to it with pleasure, but you shouldn’t about the motivational tools:

  • Additional features
  • Promotional events
  • Users bonuses
  • Referral rewards

App store and Google play optimization. The effort here is focused on the of improving the visibility of your product on the places of sale. The higher you rank is the more daily downloads your app acquires.

Direct promotional Methods:

  • Banners, targeted advertising, CPI networks, etc.
  • Promotion through your other applications
  • Surveys and references in popular insiders and tech blogs
  • Old-school SMS/ E-mail blast

Analytics is a must in 2016

We can't imagine a marketing specialist without spreadsheets, tables, charts, and analytical system. They need all that stuff to estimate the success of an app. The analytical system will show where to put effort for maximum result and how to market an app in 2016 to reach top positions. The promotion hinges on marketing analytics and substantially it is the structured system geared to achieve the best result.

The demands for the apps are pretty high in 2016 and there are many good reasons for this. In future users demands will go even higher. But history knows many examples of how an ordinary product with strong promotion campaign became more successful than a stronger product with poor marketing and promotion.

Thunderrise is not only strong in development. Our marketing specialists help our clients to enter the market and offer promotional services for a startup or business for the fair price. Still haven’t found an answer to the question “How to advertise an app”? Contact us and we will tell you more.