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How to Make an App like Periscope

How to Make an App like Periscope


What can you say about live streaming? I bet it would be “Twitch, Periscope, Meerkat” and other newest apps. But have you ever wondered that the show started long time before.

The very first example that comes on mind is radio. You may say like “It’s not a live stream, it doesn’t contain video”. In the early 30’s it was the only way to transmit information and it was used not only for news, football and music. During the WWII when fear in society has reached its critical mass, president Roosevelt was talking about news from the front and his wife was knitting on the background. It was like a sip of fresh air for scared americans.

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A few words about Periscope

That was a little excursus in history. Returning to present, broadcasting live videos has never been so easy. Using newest technologies people can watch real time news broadcast, educate through webinars and even consult surgical operations. Living online is no longer a science fiction.

Nowadays, Periscope is the most popular platform with live streaming technology, however is has only two year in its history. Developed in 2014, it was bought by Twitter before the public launch in March 2015. In that year Periscope was named as an IPhone app of the year. It is considered to be the best streaming app for Android and iOS Recently Periscope live broadcast application has reached 200 million of broadcasts and there are 110 years of video content every day.

To help you understand why live streaming startup deserves your attention, let’s exemplify some numbers:

  • There are about 2 million active users in Periscope every day
  • It’s available in 25 languages. Imagine how widely it is spread around the world
  • Just four months from the launch, Periscope achieved 10 million installs

According to these statistics, a lot of different worldwide brands use Periscope to promote an engagement with their audience. The demand for this app is so huge as to be used by Red Bull, Adidas, Nascar, Spotify, Nestle and so on. Let’s think about how these companies benefit from live streaming. First thing that comes on mind is advertising their products in real time. Actually, there are a lot ways to do this. For example, product demonstrations or interactive customers support. Customers receive instant answers on questions they ask and a company receives instant feedback. Also Periscope can be used to improve transparency and customers trust. The good idea is to stream excursions to factories so your customers could see how their favorite things are creating.

As we can see, despite that fact that Periscope is a new-in fact app, it gains more and more popularity and doesn’t want to stop. So you can ask how to benefit with such a strong competitive. So let’s list main features of this live streaming “megalodon”. This will be useful for anybody who wants to know how to develop livestreaming app.
How to make an app like Periscope

  • Integration with social networks. You can link your stream directly on Twitter or create an announce on your Youtube channel. It helps to reach more popularity and engage lots of viewers.
  • Messaging in real time. Your viewers can chat, discuss, ask question to the streamer. Answering these questions in real time should definitely improve interest and interaction.
  • GPUImage. Periscope uses a framework for processing video frames using the GPU. It is used to customize video or picture with filters and effects that provides high quality streaming in real time.
  • Geographical location. Viewers should watch everything they want. Geolocation allows to find any stream on the map. If they want live stream from underwater depth or space station, they should get it.
  • Replays. You can download live stream record or upload it on Youtube channel after the broadcast so people who couldn’t see it at the exact moment would have an opportunity to watch it later.

To succeed with your own live stream startup you should consider the implementation of some fresh features. Don’t think that you can dominate in this business just because you have an app. Think about an app like it’s a tool but not the final goal. Now specialized services are gaining more and more profit. For example: Twitch and Youtube Gaming are specialized on streaming video games. So find your niche and work in that way.

When “the Way” is determined, think about your target audience and think about how to make your app the most comfortable for streamers and viewers. List pros and cons of live streaming leaders, try to avoid their weak points and learn on their mistakes.

From now on you have a strong idea what your unique live streaming app should be. As the cogitative process is done, there’s time to think about the actual development. The most popular questions to ask on this stage are "How much does streaming video cost and how much time will it occupy?”

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You need to keep in mind things that can work upon the price.

  • Time limit
  • Unique features and their complexity
  • Platforms you want your app to work with
  • Custom design and branding
  • Parts of work that are already exist

App like Periscope
Here are approximate numbers for building a Periscope clone:

  • 100-150 hours for Design
  • 180-220 hours for Mobile Client Development
  • 450-500 hours for Backend Development
  • 50-80 hours for QA Testing

To sum up, the approximate time to build a Periscope like application is about 1000 hours. The cost will depend on the developers hourly rate.

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If you still have unanswered questions like “How to implement videostream for ios?” or "How to start with live video streaming app for Android?" - contact us via our email address and we will dispel all the uncertainties.