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How to Make a Music App Like Spotify

How to Make a Music App Like Spotify


Don’t you think that music we listen can tell a lot about our personalities. Some call it a mirror image of a human. Like a musician puts his heart and soul in his creation, listeners penetrate it and assume something new that is up to their mind.
Music nowadays escorts us wherever we go. It surrounds us on the street, in public transport, at home. For a long time developers thought about how to make listening more comfortable for both sides: musicians and listeners. When our live tempo goes higher and higher we don’t have enough time to search for new music we would like and download it to our devices. Mobile devices and rapid Internet connection come to help us so online music streaming platforms become extremely popular.

Spotify is one of the most reliable and it has huge collection of music content. Launched in 2008 now Spotify provides access to over 30 million songs and this amount increases every day. As of August 2016, Spotify had more than 100 million active users. This platform has completely changed the way we listen to music providing online play instead of downloading song files. To bring music to your device, Spotify uses huge amount of server computers and cache of your hard drive. This technology is much more effective than working with endless requests to download the song. It’s kind of being able to play any music anywhere and anytime you want. Spotify has a lot of excellent features so let’s take a look at them to have a better understanding about how to make a music app.

How to make an app like Spotify

What makes Spotify the best streaming music player

  1. Spotify is available on various platforms. It covers Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Window Mobile, PC, Symbian, Smart TV, Openpandora, Playstation ¾ and other. I can smell a WhatsApp method here.
  2. Huge music catalog. Wikipedia says that it has 30 millions of songs to listen. That means that you can find anything you want from classical baroque pianoforte or theremin parts to something exotic like modern-progressive-jazz fusion djent.
  3. It is easy to use. Despite of huge Spotify functionality, its interface is user-friendly and doesn’t create any questions. You don’t need to read sheets of instructions to reach the main Spotify's goal - listening to music the way you like.
  4. Integration with social networks. You don’t need to register on Spotify if you don’t want. Just login with your Facebook or Twitter account so your music will be shared via your page. Actually, you can turn off this feature if you want.

How to Create an app like Spotify
Returning to our topic, let’s talk about how to actually create a music app like Spotify. Before hiring a team of developers, you should create an idea of what do you actually want and what features do you want to see in your app. Usually, to have revenues, business owners set their project’s unicity. Making a long story short, you have to invent something that makes people prefer exactly your product among others. Compare existing apps like Spotify and think about what are their disadvantages and build your strategy on avoiding them.

Do you have a question?

As your brainstorming session is done, you can turn to a team of developers that will make your dreams come true. You may have questions about how much would it cost and how much time will it take. Let’s list some factors that will influence on budget and time spent to make a Spotify like app.

  • Amount of platform you want to work with
  • Cost of music license
  • Unique features and their complexity
  • Work that is already done on your project
  • Special wishes

As a conclusion, we want to say that music app concept is not an invention of today and there is a harsh competitiveness on the market. However, demand grows from year to year so it’s still a good idea to found a startup. Newbies still can break in and surprise everyone, especially with a free music app like Spotify. 
Contact us! Thunderrise Dev Team will surely help you to make your own music app for a reasonable price and as fast as we can!