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How to Estimate Basic Expenses for Your Mobile App Development

How to Estimate Basic Expenses for Your Mobile App Development


There’s an opinion in society that our world is going mobile. Smartphone functionality grows each year with higher and higher tempo. The very first unit of mobile progress is a mobile app.

In the past few years, the mobile app market detonated with tons of production. The so called “app lunacy” has spread to almost every branch of societies life. So now having a mobile app for your business, hobby or whatever else can be determinative factor on the market to control and increase revenues.

Making the long story short - the most frequently asked question from customers is how much it will cost to create an app. The most seekable features in the question are high quality and low price and there’s no wonder in it. This article's destination is to help you calculate basic expenses to create your own mobile app.  
How to estimate basic expenses for your mobile app development


An app development cost is not underpinned only by time. There are lots of factors that may influence on the final cost. Let’s classify them on groups and then i’ll try to explain what is what:

  • Technical complexity
  • Developers team
  • Labor cost

The first group is maybe the most affluent because it hinges on actual work of the developers team. What we could include to the first group of factors?

Third-party integration. Some functional features require interference of outer libraries or frameworks. For example, in-app purchases require cooperation with payable systems like Paypal, Webmoney and so on. A lot of mobile apps are also integrated to social networks.

Usage of external hardware. Modern smartphones now can work with lots of outer gear via Bluetooth. These are heart rate sensors, gyroscooters, GPS, barometers, smart watches and so on. Compatibility with these devices may be affluent.
How to estimate basic expenses for your mobile app development

Various OS support. For mid 2016 it is usually to make apps both for iOS and Android. Most of modern apps support iOS 6 and higher. For Android it’s usually 4.0 and newer. The game is that the more devices your app will work with, the more it will cost.

This list is far from the end. It may take hundreds of pages to list all of them. Features performed above are the most affluent so the common picture could be drawn.

What about the developers team. Well, this is the most stable magnitude. You must remember that there is a straight proportion between people involved in your app development and speed of work and its quality. So let’s imagine this dream team:

  • 2-3 Android and iOS developers (for each platform)
  • Frontend developer
  • 1-2 Backend developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager

Remember that developers crew can vary from apps complexity. Listed above is the basic team. Without anyone the mechanism will not work.

What about the third group? Well prices of people's labor vary. It depends on the company's status, size and their location. But you must remember that high price is not a pawn of quality. There is no guarantee that expensive companies will provide better results than their cheaper colleagues. The first thing you have to look at is a company's portfolio. If they did something good, there is a high chance they will do it again. For more detailed information about geographical breakdown of development cost, you can have a look at this article.
How to estimate basic expenses for your mobile app development

Let's estimate

Let’s go through an app development process step by step to have a strong image of what your money is paid for;


The first and fundamental step. As every businessman knows that best projects start with thorough preparations. Planning helps to understand where to start and how far is the desired point.

Technical specifications

Now we determine all project features you want to see in your app. We also define requirements that will be implemented by the software. During this step you need to decide what OSs and devices you future app will be built for.

Creating an MVP

In app development slanguage it’s some kind of pre-alpha version of a project. This prototype helps a customer to test the viability of the future app. More detailed about MVPs you can learn in our special article. 

Actual development

If a customer is pleased with the results of MVP, the time has come for a development process. This includes frontend and backend sides of your app. Time frames of this stage are the affluent apps complexity. In average it takes 7-10 weeks for frontend and 10-12 for backend development (for each platform).

Quality assurance

To avoid “oops, there is something wrong” situations, it’s very important to test everything before publishing. As a rule, this stage includes testing of requirements, security, interface, compatibility and optimisation of an app. We have a separate department that is dedicated to quality assurance.


Congratulations, your app is developed, tested and ready to make money for you. You can submit it to app store by yourself or ask us to assist you. But the work on your app is not yet completed. Every app needs updates and customer support.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that should influence on a cost. It is easy to drown in numbers and variety of opinions. We hope that this article will be helpful for you to find the way in the wood of app industry.

If you have other questions not mentioned above, have a look at the rest of our blog or contact us. Together, we will make a decision.