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How to Develop the Best Fitness Application

How to Develop the Best Fitness Application


In 21st century people exist in a constant motion because live tempo has became so much big. Everlasting progress helps us to make life more comfortable so we can spend less time to reach tasks we set to ourselves. Almost everyone has ever thought about their body in a key to make it stronger, more handsome and healthier. So it was a matter of time when people could have their personal trainer in a small device. A lack of free time for visiting a gym is not a problem now because everything you need is contained in your smartphone.
How to develop the best fitness application
Fitness applications are extremely popular not only among professional sportsmen. From 2014 mobile developers started to spawn fitness and workout applications of all kind. Demand grows from year to year so it’s a very valuable niche to have a startup.

You may have a question like "how to create a fitness app?". To set your future apps conception, you have to establish your project with a powerful idea. Making the long story short you have to decide what your app should be. To know what’s what, you should have a look at fitness app classification. So let’s systemize apps for fitness and list their most popular types:

  • Activity tracking apps
  • Apps for diet and nutrition
  • Workout apps

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The idea of tracking technology is extremely simple. Like people counted steps they walked or miles they jogged under their own steam, now mobile apps do this job using in-app map or passometer connected with Bluetooth. But it doesn’t mean that fitness tracker apps look the same. For example, Strava Running & Cycling app is an open source fitness tracker and allows to challenge other users, gain achievements and win rewards. App constructs a leaderboard so you have a strong motivation to do more than yesterday, Zombie, Run app offers you to escape zombie chase to gain rewards and progress.

Nutrition and diet apps are especially popular among women, this type helps to track food consumption, calories taken/burned, create users' own diet and grocery list. The main destination of nutrition apps is to help user to achieve his personal goals, whether that be losing/gaining weight or healthy eating. A good diet app should give the user regular and comprehensive statistics and push him towards his goal.

Workout apps are oriented to provide a user with his own exercise program. It’s like having a personal coach in your mobile phone. You can take him anywhere you want and there’s no need to visit a gym. Apps of that kind include pre-maid methodics so you can choose the one that matches to your preferences or create your own program with a consult of your real trainer.
How to develop the best fitness application

To have a better understand let’s have a look at the best health apps.

Google Fit is the most popular among Android users app. It uses sensors that are already built it your smartphone so you don’t need an external device. It measures distance covered, steps taken and calories burned. As you download Google Fit it asks to enter your weight, height and activity goals. All the data is translated to charts and graphics.

Nike + helps to track an important data in real time. While running user can check his smartphone's screen to view miles and time they jogged. For professionals Nike + records your fastest and slowest mile represented by green and red lines on the in-app map.

Lose it! is a nutrition app. It counts your calories, builds a recipe, planes exercises to stay within a daily calorie budget. Lose it! is compatible with other apps like Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Nike+ and Strava.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App guides users through the original 7 minute exercise methodics. It will be an appreciated feature for users of all kind. It’s like a personal trainer that helps you everyday.
How to develop the best fitness application

As we puzzle out the classification and tops, let’s have a look at basic features that a fitness app must contain.

  • Account creation. It’s the easiest way to track users goals and achievements. Integration with social networks can make it even more simple.
  • Linking other services. It’s a good idea to post users success via Facebook or other social media.
  • Connection to external device. Developing your app compatible with wearable technologies will make it more competitive among other ones.
  • Geolocation. It will help to track users activity.

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Now let’s have a look at ways of gaining profit from a fitness application:

  • Freemium. Your application is free to download and use but you have to pay a subscription fee to have the full content.
  • Turning off ads by paying donations.
  • Selling divided training licks.
  • For the brands selling sport and tracking equipment mobile app is a good choice.

So what do we have now? To succeed in developing a fitness application you have to comprehend a lot of things: specialization of your project, features you’d like to add, ways of monetization and a other. The final line is to hire fitness app developers that should make your dream come true.