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How to develop an Eventbrite app clone

How to develop an Eventbrite app clone


A huge life tempo that we live in gives us no chance to remember everything. There are so much things to worry about so we just forget about ourselves. And as always, technologies come to help us with event planner app diversity.

This kind of apps has gained huge popularity so it’s obvious that developers started to classify them. Now we have conference apps, apps for festivals/concerts, party planner apps etc etc etc. Despite of their huge popularity there is still a lot of demand on creating an event planning app. Today we will speak exactly about how to make event organizer application like Eventbrite and YPlan.

At first, let’s have a look at the most influential participants to have a clear picture of what do we want to see in our future app.

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How to develop an Eventbrite app clone


I think in 2017 no one should ask “What is Eventbrite?”. It’s the world's most famous event management platform and it can help users to find any concert/conference/festival/BBQ party/science exhibition they want.

Eventbrite API is built in the way to not only search for events but to buy tickets, join chats and discuss an event, share photos with your friends (omnipresent Facebook and Twitter). You can also implement Eventbrite widget to your website. There are also tools for event managers. Everything you can do as a user, you can perform from organizers’ side. It’s easy to create your own event, sell tickets, create discussions and so on. There are Event brite fees of Base Service (2,5%+$0.99 of every ticket) and Payment Processing (3% of tickets price).

Does Eventbrite cost money? Oh yes, it does. In 2014 Eventbrite app has joint a so called “Unicorn startup club” (startups valued of at least $1b).

How to develop an Eventbrite app clone


It’s the nearest competitor of Eventbrite. But there is an essential difference between this projects. As one of YPlans founders say: “And there was no one place where you find and book and go at the same time. It’s either listing sites or ticketing sites, and the options are limited. They’re not catered for discovery. You go to Eventbrite or Ticketmaster when you already know exactly what you want to buy”.

So here comes the best feature of YPlan: it’s built for people don’t actually know what to do in a Friday evening but want to go out. You can launch an app, place tags like “film”, “jazz”, “comedy” and it displays shows that take place in this day (or another day).

What an excellent event application should consist of?

And now it’s time to think about what our future should like. Let’s list a bunch of features that are must-have in every event or party planning app.

User registration is indispensable for any application nowadays. You can provide an account creation for users that want to organize and manage events and a social media authorization for attendees.

Event scheduling must be personal so it’s obvious you need to allow users to manage their personal information. It can be done just by asking users’ personal data during the registration. It’s also a good idea to implement an autofill for users that have registered via social network.

Geolocation is another must-have for every party planner app. People should know where they should go and just a mentioning of address is not enough today. It’s also a good idea to allow people search for events from those you offer on a map (who know, maybe they don’t want to go away from home and look for something nearby).

Push notifications. It’s also a good technology to implement. Remind people about events they are to attend, send notes about discounts and special offers. You can also make a Beacon system. It will send push notifications about events nearby. Imagine you walk the city and want to listen to some music and your app sends something like ”Hey it’s so much fun here, we have a jazz jam session next door”. It definitely will bring positive experience to you.

How to develop an Eventbrite app clone

For event organizers there is a need to implement some mind management tools. They need to have all subtasks tasks before their eyes. Systemization is very important in event organizing because there’s so much to do and it’s really hard to remember everything. You can implement a simple to do list or go further and offer users to create graphics and diagrams, dispense tasks between their colleagues.

Above, we discussed what made YPlan so popular. Why not to implement event searching? Create filters and allow people to surf for events they want to. There are some common filters:

  • by location
  • by type
  • by popularity
  • by ticket price range

To make your app more popular, it’s a good idea to implement social sharing. Allow people to share links in your app via Facebook or Twitter. It will help them to engage with friends and you to promote your project.

Summing up

As we decided, creating an event management application is not an easy task. That’s why there is a huge demand on them so it’s an excellent idea both for local startup or a huge event platform for a whole state.

If there is an idea brawling in your head, don’t hesitate and contact us. Together we will discuss all detail and start developing a new event app titan.