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How to Develop an Educational App

How to Develop an Educational App


The new ways and systems of studying are constantly in the process of being created. Education is no longer a burden for some of the tough learners but a pleasant and entertaining experience with the help of variety of educational apps.
How to Develop an Educational App

Educational apps are one of the most searched categories in application stores and the interest for them is growing. Have you already started thinking about developing one? Let’s see what you need to know first.

The first step of creating an educational app would be to determine the exact aim of an application and to set a target audience. There are few options:

  • app for kids
  • tutoring app
  • language learning app
  • skill developing app

Let’s get into little more detail about those, shall we?

Apps for Kids

All of us who have kids know that they love playing with phones, or tablets, or basically any available piece of technology. Educational apps are a great solution. Your kid is entertained and is developing some skills at the same time. However you must be extremely careful and follow the COPPA - Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It restricts collecting some information from children under 13 without their parents’ permission and showing them inappropriate ads.

Apart from that, to create an educational app for kids you have to consider some important features and functions of an app:

  • Simple UI/UX. It is literally crucial. The design must be simple and fun, but not distracting. You don’t want them to just sit and stare at the starting page, right? Make the interface as understandable and intuitive as you can, and then try a little harder and simplify it even more. It’s very easy for kids to press the wrong button and not be able to turn back to the application, so don’t give them such opportunity by including ‘share on Facebook’ option. Come on, five-year-olds don’t have Facebook.
  • Entertainment. Of course the main goal of your app is learning, but kids learn best while playing, They won’t come back to your app after the first session if it’s boring.
  • Age/difficulty levels. Difficulty levels guarantee the actual learning. Obviously, they start with easy tasks that get harder and more complex with each step. Besides that, you need to set an age group for which the app is most suitable, and you better put it into the description in the application store. The application will be useless if it is too easy or too hard for the kid. Don’t waste your customer’s time.
  • Appropriate ads. As it is mentioned earlier, you really need to pay close attention to what advertising you put in for the young audience to see. It is also a matter of morality and keeping your reputation safe. You do not want to be notorious for showing nasty things to babies.
  • Parental mode. A page where parents could follow their child’s results would be a very nice addition. Entering it could require a password or a particular buttons combination.
How to Develop an Educational App

Tutoring Apps

Tutoring apps are in a different part of the spectre and of course they must have more to them:

  • Two UI’s. As there is a two-side communication going on there must be two interfaces - for students and for tutors. Make one where students can see all the subjects they are interested in and tutors available for those and one where tutors see their students, groups and requests.
  • Qualified tutors. Obviously there is no tutoring app without well-educated, reliable tutors. Gather a hiring team who will take interviews and choose the best tutors.
  • Chat + Voice and video feature. If you have those in your app, your customers would be able to communicate freely without leaving the app.
  • In-app monetization system. Like the previous one, this feature is also very convenient to have so the students do not have to use other apps to pay the tutors.

Language Learning Apps

The audience for these is huge and diverse. Whether you are a student, a businessman who works with foreigners, or you are just interested in learning languages, you have probably tried to use a language learning app. But what do you as a developer need to consider while creating one?

  • Team of linguists/translators. As you may have suspected even the best team of programmers and developers can not create a language learning app without help from professional linguists. They must work thoroughly on the project to create useful and interesting tasks as users are likely to lose interest in language learning apps due to lack of different aspects.
  • Voice and video feature. Yes, you’ve read it right. One of the most popular reasons why users drop out from learning language via apps is lack of communication. Create a video chat feature where they would be able to talk to native speakers face-to-face and how much more convenient it will be.
  • Testing system. Your linguistics developers have to come up with a way of testing users’ knowledge efficiently after every chapter and rating their success so they can start a new chapter or make one more attempt in a previous one.
  • One or a variety of languages. And of course you need to decide whether your app will focus on one or more languages.
How to Develop an Educational App

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Skill Developing Apps

Apps of this kind help developing skills in areas like playing musical instruments or programming. For example, Yousician is an app that helps learning how to play piano and guitar and Mimo helps to learn different programming languages e.g.

There are much more kinds of educational apps like brain-teasing mobile apps, cloud based classroom apps, travel apps with VR features, self-motivation courses and so on.


You won’t earn much if you make your app free. It is quite popular now to make educational apps paid as consumers are willing to pay for them, however the best decision is to have additional paid content. Your customer gets just enough to understand the app and get into it, and if they’re interested they can get more for a particular sum. Also if you choose to create a tutoring app you can get part of tutors’ salary.

There is a lot to think of when deciding to create an educational app. If you have any questions or want to start the development, feel free to contact us. Thunderrise Development Team is at your service.