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How to Develop an App like Meitu

How to Develop an App like Meitu


Does your social network feed drown in photos that look like they came from 90’s anime? Oh, you can thank chinese developers for Meitu - the new trend in the West. This application allows to make your face on a photo look hand-drawn in addition to limmer jawlines, tiny lips, larger eyes and fewer blemishes.

Meitu review

Actually, this application is not an invention of today and it had big popularity in Asia (1.1 billion installed) since 2008. It was only recently releases in Europe and USA in January. Meitu description says that "Think of us as a one touch photoshop for enhancing your beauty and putting the finishing touches on your photos!".

So what is the main difference from other photo filter apps? Instead of removing blemishes and working with light, Meitu goes further. In addition to offering red-eye removal, border clipping and color enhancement Meitu provides several filters that makes photo to look cartoon like.

How does it work?

After downloading a Meitu free app, it offers you to choose an existing selfie or make a new one using your phone’s camera interface. You will also be able to tune your beauty parameters like smoothing your skin, blurring and vignette filtering.

As you have taken your photo, Meitu becomes more familiar by experience for Instagram or Prisma users. You are offered with several sampled themes: Angelic, Blossoms, Fairy Tale, New Year, Petals, Mermaid and Baroness.
how much does it cost to develop app like Meitu

Of course, there’s a function of social sharing. For westerns, Facebook and Instagram are offered, other social media are centred in Asia and don’t have such popularity.

But what differs Meitu from other photo apps is its’ magical “hand-drawn mode”. Imagine a brawl of SnapChat and Prisma filters on one photo. So it doesn’t describe all the situation. It can lessen your jawlines, enlarge eyes (so you can feel yourself Sailor Moon like a lot of girls dreamed in childhood). And then, the whole photo photo it supplied with this dazzling background.

Although, Meitu has been created and targeted for women, internet now is overcrowded with photos of film stars, artists and politicians. The most popular person for Meitu users is the new US president.
apps like meitu

Meitu success

Meitu owner Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd has a public launch in Hong Kong in December with an approximate valuation of $4.6 billion. But these numbers are not the peak, with the launch on West market, investors will definitely clap eyes on this product.


To create an application like Meitu you need a team of developers, so let’s talk about what that team should consist of:

  • Designer (1-2). To create custom design that will differ your product from rivals. Your UI should also be comfortable and user-friendly
  • Mobile Client Developer (2-3). To develop responsive mobile client that will answer design’s needs
  • Backend Developer (2-3). To create photo processing algorithm and develop API.
  • QA Engineers (1-2). They will test the products for bugs and other errors and help developers avoid them.
  • Project Manager. To manage tasks and project documentation, divide and delegate tasks, and communicate with the client.

Of course, development cost will depend on time consuming and developers’ hourly rate. So let’s have a rough estimation:

  • 110-130 hours for Design
  • 200-240 hours for Mobile Client Development
  • 420-560 hours for Backend Development
  • 80-120 hours for QA

So if we calculate, there’s a decision that making a Meitu clone will take 1000 hours approximately. And if your developer teams’ hourly rate is $25, it will cost you around $25 000. For more detailed information, contact us here and have a consultation of professionals.