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How to Develop a Solution Like the Quartz App

How to Develop a Solution Like the Quartz App


As a wise man said, information is power. We’ve preferred reading news online for quite some time already, and now the interest is moving towards mobile applications. Hence why the world’s biggest news sources like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes have bothered to create their own mobile applications.

Information requires new ways to be presented, and the creators of the Quartz app had shown their creative impact.

So what is Quartz and what is so unique about it that makes it stand out from a variety of other news applications, including the most popular ones? Let’s find out.
How To Create a Solution Like the Quartz App

What is the Quartz app

Quartz is a chat-bot business news application. It was first launched for iPhones exclusively, and now it is available for both iOS and Android users.

It works with Atlas (charts and data platform) and Apple Watch.

The Quartz company runs a core website and a couple of other mobile apps. As they present the Quartz mobile app ‘it is a whole new way to experience Quartz’.

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Key features and functions

Quartz is an interactive chat-bot application. Instead of scrolling through tons of articles, users receive the headlines and a brief description via message. It contains appropriate gifs, images and emojis. You can choose to learn more on the subject or get to another headline by choosing one of the suggested options below.

You don’t have to scroll through the feed to read the news, they are literally presented to you as simply as it can get.  If you are really interested in a headline, you can tap the message to open a full article on Quartz website.

The statistics show that majority of people read news either in the morning before work or late in the evening after it. The time is lacking, and reading a brief summary is the best way to know if you are actually interested in the matter.

You may choose to turn on mild notifications that will not buzz your phone unless it is something unbelievably important, or to turn them off completely by just swiping left and ticking the points within the app - yes, that’s simple!

Advertising and monetization

Monetization method should be chosen carefully, considering all the main features and the aim of your application, and for what purpose users will apply it. Paid subscription isn’t really efficient for a news platform while banners are rather irritating.

The creators of Quartz decided not to choose the most common way of advertizing. The ads in the app are smoothly integrated in the chat messages so they don’t stand out from the other content. Sometimes users may not even realise that they’ve been advertised.


The Quartz app is so simple it almost hurts. Let’s go through some of the main points that make it what it is:

  • No registration required. You start working with the app the moment you tap its icon on your homescreen. No authentification, no Email affirmation, nothing. Minimalistic and beautiful.
  • Super simple settings. It takes literally seconds to turn notifications that interest you on and off.
  • Unobtrusive advertisement. Once again, no distracting ad breaks, no annoying banners. Sounds like heaven if you ask me.
  • Short but sufficient. Catchy headlines and brief descriptions will save a lot of your precious time.
  • Entertaining. Besides all the convenience Quartz can also make you giggle, which definitely is a plus.

How To Create a Solution Like the Quartz App
The human part

As it is said on the official Quartz website, the app’s interface may resemble an automated assistant, but the content is actually written by humans. So even though the news are presented to you by the bot technology, all the headlines and comments are made by experienced journalists from the Quartz team.

How to create an app like Quartz

There are few points you have to consider while creating an app like Quartz:

  • Whether you want to make your app available on iOS, Android, or both platforms;
  • Whether you would like to add voice and video features;
  • Creating a chatbot and integrating it into your app;
  • Creating a simple yet stylish interface;
  • Hiring a journalist team that can search for news and modify them into the chosen format, and keep the content steady.

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Simple UI, minimalistic design and light humour like marketing themed haikus and the ‘Trump snooze’ option that temporarily blocks news and notifications concerning the US president are a great addition to your regular ‘morning newspaper’. The aim of the creators was to provide their users with a brand new way of being caught up with the world’s business by spending minimal amount of time on it.

If you are interested in creating a news app like Quartz feel free to contact us and discuss all your questions.