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How To Develop A Shopping App Like Wish

How To Develop A Shopping App Like Wish


Globalization era has arrived and using the power of almighty Internet and a surge in technology progress changed the rules of nearly every sphere of human life. This applies also to e-commerce that has evolved from traditional сommerce into something impressive. Statistics says that only 35% of shopping in the USA is done “offline”. It’s amazing that we can do almost anything we need never leaving a couch. Amazing, comfy and a bit disturbing at the same time, isn’t it? No worries and no stress, this article is full of positive emotions and net benefits, rest assure. We are going to make your wish come true. Got it? Your “wish”. Ah, give me a moment please and you’ll understand why this phrase is remarkably apt in here.

E-commerce market continues to greatly benefit from mobile apps from year to year. Some businesses report that up to one-third of net profit they get comes from mobile apps. A successful example of such a seam of gold is an app called Wish. Now that you’ve got the pun I hope you smiled a bit.
How To Develop A Shopping App Like Wish?

What is Wish?

Wish is a marketplace that’s connecting consumers mainly from USA and Europe directly with Chinese producers.

Is it popular?

Hell yeah! 100.000 vendors offering 40 million items, 1,5 million daily active users and 100 million users in total are living proofs. The app ranks #3 in free apps of Google Market outstripping the famous Amazon.

Is it profitable?

Of course! Wish gets 15% of every bargain and we know it’s not the only way to monetize a marketplace app. Though the financial information wasn’t publicly presented by Wish founders we can foresee approximate numbers ourselves and confirm a promising prospect. Investors also believe that Wish is worth its cost, so the overall funding during last year only raised to $3 billion.

Now with the Wish app as a display we’ll proceed to explaining how to make a wish marketplace or something similar and offer a couple of perks you could use to improve your app and outrun your competitors.
How much does it cost to develop a shopping app like Wish

What’s the secret behind Wish popularity?

Three A-words:

  • assortment
  • affordability
  • artfulness.

Assortment. In Wish you can find almost every little thing you could imagine existing in this world from laptops and smartphones to faucets and pegs. Handy, isn’t it?

Affordability. The prices in Wish online shopping store are lower than an average price in the local ones. The difference in costs amounts up to 50%! And that is exactly why customers would want your app.

Why the price is this low? Well, it is China we are talking about after all. Also it can be explained by the purchase process. An item is delivered upon the request so it decreases lots of expenditures for Chinese producers, e.g. for rent of premises, storing, managing the stuff etc. And that’s why merchants would want your app - to reach the American market.

Artfulness. To make a customer buy Wishapp uses little trick which is a simple human foible known as impulsivity. 4 out of 5 mobile purchases has a spontaneous nature. It means people actually buy into ads with an image of a picturesque or exotic product. This fact alone brings marvelous additional profit to vendors and a marketplace in particular.

Do you have a question?

8 Wishes

What is Wish application? Actually, Wish app is not a mere app it is 8 mere apps! Reviewing them may help you get the idea of targeting a certain auditory and use it to your advance. So what kind of apps Wish has?

  1. The main app or Wish "Shopping made fun" has everything for everyone and more. Lots of ads included.

  2. The local app or Wish local “Buy and sell” shows people offering goods in the nearby location and allows to sell your own product.

  3. The discounting app or ScreamPrice “Happy Shopping” proposes the most popular stuff for a low price with limited time discount.

  4. The brainy app or Geek "Smarter Shopping" offers high-tech devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, other smartstuff and smartaccessories for them.

  5. The caring app or Mama "Thoughtful shopping" is designed for mommies and mommies-to-be, hence offers maternity clothes and goods for babies.

  6. The stylish app or Cute "Beauty shopping" provides clothes, accessories, cosmetics and other features a girl would need.

  7. The cozy app or Home "Design and Decor" contains a wide range of home accessories like carpets, paintings, chandeliers etc.

  8. The vending app or Wish for merchants is a mobile app designed for sellers.

    How To Develop A Shopping App?

A decision to make additional specified apps is a wise one because:

  • it decreases overloading of the main app;

  • it helps to personify users experience more;

  • it builds whole unique relations with your auditory;

  • it concentrates on the specifics;

  • it helps to engage customers anew.

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Some might say "If there is a Wish app then what is wish.com?". It's a site that was developed firstly. Wish used app development as a tool to enlarge its public. And a trend goes on: there are quite a bunch of sites like wish. Here are some:

All of them developed their own apps like Wish. If you want to investigate on them, use our links to download apps: Fab, Aliexpress, Wanelo, Keep Shopping, Zappos iOS and Android, Guilt, etc.

Why would you want to develop a shopping app like Wish?

As we can see shopping app is a profitable affair which is easy to maintain. All that’s left to be done is find vendors with valuable goods and attract customers. Wish shopping app as a beacon has its significant deficiencies and lots of people stays unsatisfied with provided service. That’s the gap where your own improved “Wish” can come through to customers in need.
How Much Does it Costto Develop A Shopping App?
Main deficiencies:

  • delivery
  • pushy ads and notifications
  • lame filters

At first thought, these flaws might seem inconspicuous but if they have serious bugs we should just jump to this opportunity. A smooth design and attention to customers needs will eventually bring a notable profit.


It’s the main reason the app gets red marks though it doesn’t even relate to the shipping issue. While the cost is 1 to 2 bucks no matter what’s in the box the time it travels to the new owner takes a little less than forever. Often it exceeds declared period; no one would like that. So to make your marketplace app a consumer’s personal paradise you should consider how to stimulate merchants to fulfill conditions.


They are kind of too pushy. If you ever forget an item in your cart the app will terrorize you every 15 minutes. Don’t do that to your customers for God’s sake.


Option to sort out the goods you are interested in work with gaps. No matter what smartphone you actually want, look at these pretty lamps as well. While it might affect customer’s decisions, it could be done the other way and come less irritating.

What else could be improved?

  • an option to try on things;
  • a chance to design the room;
  • a more detailed description;
  • an option to contact the seller;
  • possibility to compare products;
  • marketplace loyalty programs, etc.

To win over your share of the market you need to suggest to your potential customers something more than “one among others” app. To do so you should be brave enough to experiment and innovate things into your personal shopping assistant app. New technologies allow facial detection and overlaying graphical effects, so use it to offer your customer new experience to try an item on right through their camera.

Many believe the future lays within a virtual reality. Implement the future here and now by including an option of real-time room design and so on.

Service is never to be perfect. But the better it gets the more prosperous your business will be.

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Do you want your own Wish to come “app”?

We will absolutely help you to build online shopping apps like wish and more. And we have a plan for this occasion. How do a personal Project Manager and a team of 8 high-classed professionals sound to you? Comfortable communication, reasonable timeframes and prices, negotiable conditions - all for the sake of customers comfortability. It's Thunderrise Dev Team that's making your app come true! Contact us right away.