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How to Develop a Phone Cleaner App

How to Develop a Phone Cleaner App


If you own a smartphone, you have probably faced a memory shortage on your device.

In attempt to avoid seeing the annoying ‘insufficient storage’ message on their phone or tablet a lot of users choose to download a phone cleaner app.

What Are Phone Cleaners?

The purpose of phone cleaners, as obvious as it is, is to clean space on your device. Once you have downloaded a cleaner app, it scans your files and offers to delete the unnecessary information. It provides more storage for important and needed data and helps installed applications work faster.

Utility apps don’t usually get much recognition as they are considered to be basic and users install them just to make sure their device performs properly. Let’s mention some of the most popular ones and give them a moment to shine.

How to Develop a Phone Cleaner App


CleanMaster is a top rated cleaner available in both Google Play and App Store. Its functions are divided into four sections:

  • Junk Files - they are unnecessary files that occupy your phone storage. This option allows you to delete all of them or the ones from a particular app.
  • Phone Boost - it measures the CPU temperature and cools it when needed by shutting off intensive applications to prevent CPU from overheating.
  • Antivirus - it scans the installed apps to detect the dangerous ones, and offers the ways how you can prevent them from harming your device.
  • App Manager - it shows the list of all apps installed on your device, how much space they take up and how often you use them.

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Power Clean

Power Clean is an iOS and Android cleaner app. Its three main features are:

  • Photo Duplicate Cleaner - offers you to delete identical or very similar photos and videos.
  • Data Usage Monitoring.
  • Network Speed Test.


CCleaner is an Android app. It has got three main features:

  • Cleaner - deletes cache data from apps, takes away empty folders and clears phone and browser history.
  • App Manager - picks harmful apps for uninstallation.
  • System Info - monitors your phone resourses.

RAM Boosters and Task Killers

Don’t use RAM boosters or automatic task cleaners.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is useful for storing temporary data from frequently accessed applications because it is rather fast but it disappears when a device shuts down. When you delete an app from the RAM, the OS will put it back in anyway, thus it makes the phone’s performance even slower.

As for the automatic task killers, you have to sacrifice some of the RAM and CPU in order for it to work constantly and search for tasks to be killed.

Rooting and Jailbreaking

As you may know, Android OS is quite accepting of changes in the system, while the iOS is aggressively against it. Basically by rooting Android device you can remove the OS and replace it with a custom one. Hence why it is required in most Android cleaners.

How to Develop a Phone Cleaner App

Jailbreaking an Apple device, however, is only removing software restrictions so the user can download apps that are not in the App Store, and use some extensions that Apple does not support. The difference is quite noticeable, huh?

Main Features of a Phone Cleaner Application

Displaying the current device storage status.

In order to know whether they should clean the storage, users need to be able to see how much space is available on their device. Your memory optimizer should display both device storage and the RAM condition so the user is aware of how much space there is left to fill.

Enforcing memory optimization.

Filled up storage is likely to impact your device’s performance poorly, so this feature removes temporary files created by programs, applications, browser history etc. This feature is vital for a phone cleaner app. The more apps a user has on their device, the more junk data will be stored on it. And that is exactly the problem phone cleaners are created to deal with.

Detecting highly active applications.

This option will turn off the processes that overload the processor therefore improving the performance of your device.

Usually optimization systems show a list of running programs instead of the CPU percentage, because it can detect which exact program loads the processor but the percentage might be invalid.

Adjustable settings.

Of course there are standard settings, but you can also add ones that your user could decide to turn on and off. For example, it could be push notifications, customizable home screen shortcuts, or choosing specific apps that would be forbidden to access by the cleaner.

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It is not obligatory, but creating backup would be a nice addition to your application. I can bet your users will be thankful to find out there is a way to restore the files that have been deleted by mistake or turned out to be not so unnecessary. It shows that you take a lot into account and are ready to solve any problem your user might face.


It would not hurt to provide additional protection for your users by implementing an antivirus into your cleaner app. It will guard the device from malicious software by detecting and blocking it. You can integrate one made by third parties or develop your own antivirus if you’re that extra.


Despite the fact that optimizing applications are different from the other kinds, their main sources of income are classic:

  • Ads - put advertising into your app and wait for the coin. It is a great option as long as you keep it under control and respect your consumer.
  • Additional content and features - more storage, additional measures, there is no stop sign for your imagination.

How to Develop a Phone Cleaner App
Developing a good cleaner app demands thorough work by an experienced team of programmers. You might also think about an effective way of promoting your application to give it a headstart in the run with many other ones available on the market.

If you have any questions left or if you are interested in creating a phone cleaner app, please contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is at your service.