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How to Develop a Fitness Solution Like Runkeeper App

How to Develop a Fitness Solution Like Runkeeper App


How many times have you wanted to take up running or going to gym but got too busy (or maybe too lazy) and just put it off like forever?

Taking care of your health, both mental and physical has been one of the best trends during the recent years. Sadly enough only about 15% of present-day jobs are considered to involve some kind of physical activity. So to keep the sedentary lifestyle from killing them slowly, modern smartphone users often decide to download a fitness app to act as their little helper in attempt to live healthier and happier.

Let’s run through some basic info and then dig a little deeper on fitness applications taking Runkeeper as an example.

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Fitness Applications FAQ

While some still consider it a gimmick, more than 75% of fitness app users do confirm that they have stepped up their workout game after downloading the application.

We all know that lack of physical activity leads to establishment of various diseases. Fitness applications work as reminders to get your arse off an office chair and do some walking, motivate you to work out regularly and just help you track your health grounds.

As we have mentioned in an article earlier, fitness applications split into three types: workout, diet and nutrition, and activity tracking. In this one we are taking a look at the latter one, activity tracking applications.
Activity Tracking Applications

Key Features

User account

It is the first point in out list and we do consider it really important. Personal profile is essential to enable user to share their progress through different devices. Moreover, that way user experience feels more personalised which increases user engagement.

Insert personal data

Users adding their measurements, such as height, weight and age, helps to create a complete picture of their body and health state.

Adding geolocation feature

Having this available, users can track their current position and create personal routes. This one really makes the tracking app.

Tracking different kinds of activities

It would also be sick to let the user choose a kind of activity they want to track, like walking, running, cycling or even swimming if they’ve got access to a waterproof device.

Setting goals

Fitness apps are also great because they allow you to set targets for yourself and fulfil the tasks. I mean, raise your hand if you could use some additional workout motivation.


Workouts must be regular, so make sure to add push notifications that will mildly remind the user if they miss their usual sessions. Of course it might be because of sickness, so don’t be too harsh with your motivations.

Integrating with other services

It expands your app’s irons in the fire, allowing to track more factors or share your achievements with friends via social media.

Workout programmes and nurtition allowance

Other types of fitness apps can be partially integrated in your tracker as well.


Wearables have definitely increased fitness apps’ popularity, especially considering how such small device on your wrist can collect and preserve so much data.

Smartwatches come in handy when you are going on a workout session and don’t wanna carry your phone but also want to track the progress or listen to music or be available if your folks need you.

The technology is also being improved regularly. Apart from tracking your steps, distance and pulse rate, it will now notify you if your heartbeat is irregular and call for help if you’re in an emergency.
Activity Tracking Applications

What is Runkeeper App

Everyone. Every run. is its slogan on their website.

Runkeeper is a multifunctional product, suitable for both beginners and experienced runners. You can track your progress with different movement modes like running, cycling, jogging etc., and set your workout goal - improve your pace, lose weight or even get ready for a marathon.

It shows your whole progress which is nice, it always feels good to see how far you’ve come. You can create a routine, choose audio cues from various options to motivate you on your run and take pictures right in the process of your training! Aside from that, it’s got an app for your smartwatch so you don’t have to carry a phone with you on a run.

The premium version can offer you weekly workout schedule created for you personally, more proficient info on your progress and ability to share your location with other users.

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Fitness field is rather competitive and Runkeeper as well has got some rivals like Map My Run and Runtastic. There are a lot of great options to choose from on the market, and we suggest you check out a few to pick the one that suits you best.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with us. Thunderrise Dev Team is at your service.