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How to Develop a Dating App like Tinder

How to Develop a Dating App like Tinder


Is there anyone who has access to the Internet and hasn’t used dating sites even once? Is there anyone who has a smartphone and hasn’t heard of Tinder? Is there any mobile developer who hasn’t thought once “why not try to create a dating app as resonant as Tinder?” Don’t answer these questions. Let’s rather talk about love. Joking. Who needs love when you have Internet? And business. So... Down to business.

Why - a dating app?

While ordinary people’s necessities include love after all, others make some profit out of that. Statistics says that average dating app user spends nearly $ 250 on in-app purchases, while industry’s annual revenue reaches $ 2 billion. Who would not like to be a part of that?

How To Develop Dating App Like Tinder?

Without a doubt current leader among dating apps is Tinder. And to create something as big you need to excel what Tinder represents today, which means to offer mostly satisfied users something even more peculiar.

First things first, we need to know what Tinder essentially is and which factors made it so outrageously popular.

What is Tinder?

A pure embodiment of intuitive design and mechanics, simplicity of which is truly beautiful. You are to choose whether you like a popping up photo of a person or not by swiping right - to make a move on him/her, or left - to discard and forget. If the same person is interested in you as well, you are making a match and now can enter a dialog with each other.

Essence - checked.

A quick info about Tinder’s current achievements:

  • 100 mln app downloads;
  • 50 mln active users;
  • 10 mln daily active users;
  • 26 mln matches made daily
  • 10 bln total matches made

Looks Impressive? You bet!

But as everything starts out being tiny and shaky, Tinder too once was only a small dating startups with vague idea, that was breaking through a long way up.

How To Develop Dating App Like Tinder?

How to create a dating app

Let's review a little what exactly made Tinder a blast. There are quite some strategies and features:

1. Thought out targeting policy

Tinder strategy concluded promoting their app in colleges and universities. At first they presented it at local sororities and fraternities, then - in bars and student events. As we can see they pursued specific target audience - mostly people aged between 18 and 25. All the work after was done mouth to mouth. I mean word to mouth.
With so much fuse around it's no wonder anymore why sites like Tinder are so popular nowadays.

2. Design

Flat design is great, they don’t bother anyone’s eyes. Users don’t want distractive complex additions, more importantly they don’t need your ads.

Let’s make it pure, make it white. Brilliant.

3. Swipe shtick

Such a simple and lovely gesture that has made 50 million hearts fell in love with Tinder. Has making a decision ever been so easy and so fast? In a blink of an eye destinies are being decided.

4. Location dependance

The app is only showing people in a specific radius around the user, which is really important since IRL dating still exists.

5. Social media integration

Login to Tinder is available only with Facebook. It gives an access to your match account information, hence makes user profile more trustworthy. Beware, it shows on Tinder profile your FB likes as your interests. It’s strongly recommended to rigid bearded guys to unlike sappy bands before registering.

Also Tinder can be linked to Instagram, so it gives an immediate access to more shameful photos of your potential significant other.

A plan to an inevitable popularity - checked.

Must have features for a dating application

Now we have a stylish socially integrated dating application with geolocation and all the important stuff. So how to make an app like Tinder? What should it contain and how will it influence the total Tinder cost?

- Efficient and sapid matching algorithm

There are old as Earth survey-based and facial recognition-based matching algorithm. Why not try a doodle or a sound matching? All for fun!

- A set of vital settings

After entering a dating app user would need to configure criteria for his ideal match - age, sex, proximity. Also enabling user to change account, notification or visual settings would be a plus. (User point of view)

- Convenient private chat (Tinder weakness - gotcha!)

Some users find it less comfortable to chat in Tinder then for example via Viber or WhatsApp. Use this knowledge wisely, young padawan, while creating your Tinder like apps.

Useful info. Make it so only a match can message each other. Consider that they would want to send each other some erotic videos, audios, links and other multifarious stuff. So your messenger should stand up to audience expectations. And don’t peep.

- Push notifications

Users want to know asap whether they hit a match with a pretty other or not, and the fastest way is via push-notifications. Dating apps like Tinder should inform users about potentially useful stuff asap!

Basics are important. Checked.

How To Develop Dating App Like Tinder?

List of features that would be your trump card

Bonus for those who have read this article all the way through! Some ideas of how we will make a success out your dating app like Tinder:

  • an ability to retrieve password from official Facebook/Instagram app if it’s installed on a smartphone;
  • an option to see how many matches your match is chatting with (intriguing, isn’t it? ;)
  • an opportunity to edit your message once it has been sent; (oh god please!)
  • an option to see a list of your superlikes;
  • a possibility to see other people's preferences;
  • an ability to choose font (for aesthetes)

“Exceeding Tinder plan” - checked.

Theoretical preparation to developing a dating up is accomplished successfully.

Let’s get specific.

Development process

Meet Thunderrise team for your own project which will consist of:

а) your personal Project Manager to discuss all the little details of your future mobile dating app and be in attendance through every step of development process;

b) a Designer who will chant magic to make your app fabulous;

c) 2 Mobile Client Developers who will create magically designed fabulous app;

d) 2 Backend Developers who will create photo processing algorithm and develop API;

e) 2 QA Engineers who will make a thorough disinsection of your app. You know, to get rid from bugs. Now, smile.

How much does Tinder cost and how long to build a Tinder app?

Roughly the whole development process might take up to 1000 hours (on average 2-4 months): 100-120 hours for Design, about 250 hours for a Mobile Client Development, 550 hours for a Backend Process and up to 100 hours for QA phase. So the cost of Tinder would be varied starting $ 25000 up to $ 35000.

Of course time and expenditures depend on quantity of features your dating app would include so the numbers were calculated approximately.

But you always can contact us to specify the details and then we will make all the vague stuff in app development bright and clear just for you!