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How to Create VR Content Effectively

How to Create VR Content Effectively


Remember the Matrix trilogy? It was launched almost 18 years ago and virtual reality there is shown as an invention of 22th century. Well, in 2017 we’re still far away from such building a real virtual world but the actual VR is here and both business owners and developers can’t act it’s not so.

Now VR can be driven by special gadgets, smartphones and even DIY cardboard-made devices. Despite this fact, VR is rather new but really ambitious field so investing in VR development is definitely a good idea.

The usage of VR technologies


Pedagogues say that visual experience is much better for learning new materials. Field trips are very important and are the high priority. And virtual reality technologies help to perform these trips not leaving the classroom.

For biology studies, teachers can implement a learning human circulatory system using Oculus Rift. To do this, Vessels VR has to perform a Unity3D made animation of human body.


Instead of Augmented Reality, VR fully immerse players to the world of a game. The market of video games that use VR is the most fast increasing. According to IDC the whole video game market is valued at $106 billions. In 2020 the part of VR and AR games is estimated to be $6,9 billion and $11,4 in 2025.

Giants of video game industry EA and Activision claimed that they are going to spend from $75 to $100 million on developing a VR game segment.

Virtual Reality Parks

There’s an extraordinarily ambitious startup named The Void. The territory of fully VR experience. At the first sight, it looks like an Escape Room but in VR mode. The territory of the park consists of several rooms 20x20 with special motion capture cameras. All the atmosphere can be changed according to a content visitor has chosen.


Imagine the trip over the mall but in VR. A lot of online store owners have thought about replacing customers’ experience towards VR. For apparel retailers it’s a good idea to create “a virtual dressroom” so customers could try clothes on them like it’s done in ordinary boutiques.

These are not the only fields where Virtual Reality can be implemented. There are also travelling, real estate, live streaming, cinema, sales, agriculture and so on.

How to Create VR content

Actually, there are two ways of creating a VR content. Let’s have a look at them.

Film a 360-degree video

Everything you need is a spherical camera that maintains 360-degree video filming. It’s the best solution if you want to capture a real video from a real event (e.g. VR brolly hop or a show of your favourite band). The most popular solutions for filming a 360 video is Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta S. While ensuring that camera films in the best quality, it’s needed to know how to stabilize in a still position. Stable attitude can be reached in several ways: filming from gyrocopter, using a tripod or special stabilizators. In order to edit VR videos you can use Adobe Premiere Pro of VideoStitch.

Make a 3D animation

360-degree videos only allow viewers to spin the sight but the place and time is still fixed. 3D animations allow users to freely move in time and space within the content of an animation. The only problem is cost and computation capacity. Creating a great VR 3D animation can cost a lot and not every system could maintain it without delays. The most appropriate engines for creating a 3D world are Unity, Cryengine and Unreal. There are a lot of companies that can create great 3D animations and make a content you need.

How to create VR apps

The most efficient way is to use Google Cardboard SDK for Unity. It helps to create visualization of large scenes with two video sensors, response to head movement. You can also convert an existing Unity project to an Android application that will support virtual reality.

VR apps have to double the picture for each eye to ensure that user sees it correctly. If your application works with 3D animation, it’s crucial to create a lifelike focusing so far objects should smear out and the nearest ones must be clear.

Although virtual reality is far from being ultimate. The biggest problems like latency, low resolution, cost of devices and animation creation are being solved. Growing interest to this technology can assure you that it’s a great field to invest in. If you’re interested in developing a VR application, feel free to contact us and discuss all the questions.