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How to Create Effective App Marketing Strategy

How to Create Effective App Marketing Strategy


Just imagine if there were about 500 apps in the entire App Store. Every marketer would dream about it.

In 2009 App Store looked pretty much like this. However, in four years the number of applications has reached 1 million and by October 2013 the income was put at $10 billion. Google Play has caught up within a few months.

The more apps appear for iOS and Android, the more challenging tasks stand in front of app marketers. Of course, there were and will be in future incredible success stories, but you can really rely only on well-thought-out mobile app marketing plan.

just imagine if there were about 500 apps i the entire App Store

You should have in mind that mobile apps don’t differ from any other goods. That’s why they shouldn't be treated any different from the regular goods. And like any other commodity, the marketing strategies for mobile apps are a must.

However, let's not rush into app marketing strategies without defining what marketing is and which crucial components it has. Of course, each component is very complicated and there are a lot of studies and books dedicated to them, but despite that we will try to put everything in a nutshell.

Marketing is not only about business promotion. Marketing is the business, the good itself, its value, and the point of sale. And the right thing to do is to start planning your marketing strategy even before the development phase is started. Thus you will be able to get the feedbacks and evaluate the early results and have a better comprehension on:

  • How your idea is accepted by target audience
  • What future users expect from your app
  • What changes and improvements you should make
  • Find the best launch strategy for startup to enter the market

The key elements of marketing for mobile app

The commodity. This part is quite difficult, as it has to describe the app itself, its position on the market, and uncover its unicity. Here is a simple rule for you: Create the product that will be useful for you target audience in the first place and consider their requirements.

Before you start the development of your app you need to:

  • Understand users demands
  • Think how you will solve it
  • Find your competitors
  • Analyze their solutions

Having put this sequence through you will have a better comprehension of general points for your app marketing strategy.

Price. This is another essential marketing element that plays significant part in projects success. If the users like your app, but the price for installation or 3 months subscription are exorbitant, then despite all great ideas and unique characters the app won’t have many users. So, don’t mess up with price policy.

Point of sale. In case with mobile applications, your points of sale are App Store and Google Play. Many can think that App Store and Google Play are the only app shops, but that’s wrong. Actually, there about 50 places that distribute applications, like Amazon, Samsung Apps, Nokia OVI Store, SlideME,1Mobile Market, Microsoft Мarketplace, etc. But it doesn’t mean that you have to upload your app to all shops. It means that you can build more efficient Android or iPhone app marketing strategy.

Promotion. App promotion happens after you have your app developed and it is pretty exciting part of marketing. In this context, promotion is the series of activities aimed at building brand awareness and persuading users to install and use your app.

Everyone hopes to get millions of installs when he releases his app. But reality differs from your expectations. You will have to consider each step of promotion assiduously considering your budget. If you have pretty large promotional budget, then you can afford advertising purchase and usage of the most effective methods of promotion. But if you are short on budget then you will have to use your creativity and think how to get out a message to your target audience with minimum expenses.

Promotion includes:

  • Search engine advertising
  • Publications
  • Mass media references
  • Social media campaigns
  • SEO
  • Email blast
the key elements of marketing for mobile app

How to create effective app marketing strategy

There is a great variety of mobile application marketing strategies, and you should take each part of marketing highly responsibly, as business doesn’t forgive neglects.

To make successful marketing strategy you need to have in mind the key elements of marketing and choose the most suitable combination for your app.

And remember, the success of your app isn’t determined just by the number of downloads. The close user interaction with the app and the fact that your app solves users problem, these are the most important measurements of the success.

The question “How to create effective app marketing strategy?” still bothers you? Contact us and the marketing experts from our company will have a few tips for you.