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How to Create a Photo Editing App like Retrica

How to Create a Photo Editing App like Retrica


Nowadays, people can’t live without social networks. Taking photos is a huge part of modern social life. So editing photos must be done in easy and convenient way. Users are insane now on making their photos gain more likes on Instagram. A lot of business owners can make a decision that creating an ultimate photo editor is a great idea. And that’s totally right. Today we are going to speak about how to create a photo editing application. We will use Retrica camera app as an example of great project.

A few words about Retrica

Retrica was launched in 2012 as a small Korean startup. Application was an iOS exclusive. Retrica didn't have a great popularity, till launching on Android. From that time, application has gained a lot of profit in Europe and US.

As it often happens, Retrica is much more popular abroad than on its’ motherland. It has 78th place in US and only 110th in Korea. You may say that it’s still low but the huge competitiveness must be considered. It’s obvious that applications that are more social and old such as Instagram have more popularity.

Top features of Retrica

Retrica photo editor also has a lot of social content. A good feature is that there are a more than 120 filters for photo and video that can be added in real-time mode. This eliminates the need to upload photos from the gallery. Retrica is also a great tool for creating GIFs, collages and video editing.

Photo Manager is another great feature of Retrica. It allows to share a photo to almost all social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Users are free to add text and stickers to their photos and the in-built timer works well.

Must-have features

In order to develop a photo editing app like Retrica, our readers need to know what it should consist of. So we’ve made a little list of the most crucial features that Retrica MVP should have.

User registration. Your app can’t be good without this thing. Actually only really small programs now don’t have a registration feature. Your app will have to work with user data so entering account is the easiest way for them to access this data.

Social media synchronization. It’s better for users not to put their personal information for the hundredth time but to synchronize it from their Google or Facebook account.

Loading images. An application has to get access to a devices’ camera to work with photos in real time. But no one has cancelled the old way - upload from the gallery.

Photo editing (fancy that). It has to include filters (as many as it’s possible), image size editing, stickers, text, drawing on photos, blur and vignette filtering as well as image rotation.

Settings. It’s all about some technical things like autosave, photo quality, place to store photos, auto update options and so on.

Saving photos. Of course in the gallery and sharing with friends in social networks.

And some additional features that aren’t crucial for MVP but users will be glad to see them in a final product:

  • Flash light
  • GIF creation
  • Image saturation, setting contrast, exposure and brightness
  • Removing red eyes
  • Photo timer
  • Cutting photo and saving it as a sticker (like in Telegram)

You also have to consider that in order to gain more popularity your application should have some aces in the hole. So creating a unique feature will take you higher among competitors.

Business model

Retrica photo editing app has a free and paid version. In paid one users are offered with additional filters, retouching, adjustment of brightness and contrast.

As we’re are done with technical stuff, let’s get to the question of how to make money with photo editing app like Retrica? There are a lot of ways to earn profit but we recommend to charge money straightaway from users. This opinion rise from the fact that there is a huge competitiveness among photo editors like Retrica so users won’t have troubles finding something maybe less functional but free!

The most efficient way is to implement freemium platform. Thus your app will definitely gain a loyal audience that will be glad to pay for extra features (filters, stickers and so on). This model is the most popular among apps with social component.

Advertising model is also a great way to earn money. It displays a targeted ads to user interface so sponsors give you money for a place to advertise their product. The only pitfall of this approach is that it needs a big client base.

If you still have some questions about how to create a photo editing application like Retrica, feel free to contact us and get a free consultation.