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How to Choose the Best Source Code Hosting

How to Choose the Best Source Code Hosting


Nowadays, no software developer will create folders like X1.0, X1.1 etc for every change he does in the code. Alternalively, he will use Revision Management System or VCS to work with repositories online. It helps to have an instant access to all the versions for every programmer involved in development.

So what is Source Code Hosting? It is a place on the web where you can upload your Program Code with the help of Source Code Hosting Service (SCHS). These sites help to operate with rights on changing a project and trace those changes. Such services offer a pack of instruments for developing and maintaining project such as wiki, issue tracker, allows code review and other options.

Today we gonna speak about SCHS representatives (what a surprise) and help readers to choose the best one for their development.


Source Code Hosting Services
This platform is an ancestor of hosting platforms based on open source code. It has been around since 1999. For every project, SourceForge offers creation of a unique subdomain that is ultimately in ownership of a creator. SF has a huge functionality and supports all the most popular VC systems. Such high-featured system may confuse newbies and minimalistic UI lovers but if you need a full spectre of functions as well as don’t afraid of saturated screen, there is a choice for you.


This code hosting site is deservedly called the most popular and the biggest on the planet. A company has simple but a lot representative slogan of “social coding”. This title reflects GitHub’s philosophy very well.
Source Code Hosting Services

Despite GitHub is a lot younger than SourceForge, it gained a lot of popularity almost from the launch in 2008. Now it has 4.2 billion unique repositories on its’ server. The reigning feature of GitHub is that all repos done by free accounts are invariably public so everyone can copy a program code of your software, make changes there and offer to you using GitHub’s pull request system. To have more privacy you have to pay a monthly subscription from $7 to $50 depending on how many projects have to be private.


Source Code Hosting Services
This hosting service is unique for some kind. It has both common tokens and some one-of-a-kind ones like Scrum reports support and planning instruments for agile dev methodology. This service is built rather for active programming than socialization and is the best choice for midsize and big teams of developers. Assembla has a lot of tools for working cooperation like wiki, messages, file uploading, activity reports, group video chat and so called “stream of activity” that conveniently shows project condition as far as tasks done. Assembla supports Git, Svn and Mercurial VCS.


Source Code Hosting Services
This is best alternative to GitHub so it's second of the most popular. The key feature is that BitBucket provides boundless count of private repositories for five or less programmers and works with Git and Mercurial systems. BitBucket also provides in-line comments sections that allow to perform a better teamwork. This platform is developed by Atlassian that also have its’ own bug tracking system JIRA. This system is incorporated to BitBucket. It also provides Akismet and Google Analytics implosion.

Similarly to GitHub and SourceForge, you are allowed to create your own subdomain at “randomaccountname.bitbucket.org”. BitBucket is the best choice for research and prototype projects because of its’ unique monetizing system.

Kiln Harmony

Source Code Hosting Services
This service can be called the best hosting service for Mercurial based repositories that obviously has only one disadvantage - it’s paid. But a subscription monetization model is fully justified because using it is unalloyed pleasure. There’s a function of Git and SVN repository import.

The core element of Kiln is that a concrete repository on the site is Git and Mercurial at one time so you can concentrate on coding instead of choosing VCS. The magic is that all these transfers as well as push and pull are done on a server so you don’t need to have a deal with any third party addon (hg-git for example).

Kiln Harmony will be the best choice for newbie programmers because it has minimalistic and not overcrowded interface so you can start writing a code right away instead of setting up developing background.


Source Code Hosting Services
The best choice for closed teams that look for a repository hosting system. Beanstalk is built in the way to help teams in all stages of production. It helps to complete products from writing a code to reviewing it with the team and implementation of the final result.

It also allows to write and edit source codes just in browser, so you don’t to switch command lines. Like Kiln, the only minus is subscription. For $15 Bronze package you are offered with 3 GB of storage, limit of 10 repositories and 5 users. Beanstalk works with Subversion as well as with Git.


To sum up, it’s up to you what Source Code Hosting to choose. There are a lot them unmentioned here, but we hope that this article helped you to choose. For more detailed consultation you can consult us via email.