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How to Build a Mobile Travel App

How to Build a Mobile Travel App


Try asking people what are their future plans, dreams or hobbies. I’m sure in TOP-10 proximate goals they’ll mention business trip, vacation, hiking or traveling to Paris. Yes, everyone either wants to visit Paris or has a girl who makes them want to visit Paris, it’s a fact. Deal with it. The point is most of people like to travel. And statistics proves it; nearly 1 billion travelers migrates outside their native country each year and the number increases up to 5% each year. And imagine how many people migrates inland. And all of them could be yours. 

- You: So how to make them our clients?

- TR: We need to take away their concerns about oncoming journey and during the journey as well.

- You: What kind of concerns do travelers have that we can eliminate with help of a mobile apps for travel?

- TR: Let’s see.

How To Build A Mobile Travel App?

Market state

Actually market is full of apps for travelling that are meeting topical tourists needs. It might seem like bad news but in fact it’s a double-plus for us. Reviewing feedbacks of travel applications users revealed that 4 out of 5 stayed unsatisfied with provided service. This is our chance to easily enter the market.

Let’s do it in thunder-style manner:

  • take already developed databases and SDK like Trip Advisor API and Google Hotels API that in turn will reduce total price and time for app developing (a mentioned double-plus);
  • investigate subsistent gaps in leading apps;
  • improve the defects;
  • add authentic design and fine marketing;
  • ???

Realms and the flagships

As a tourist, one would need to deal with these quests:

  • Night lodging and feeding;
  • Transporting and navigation;
  • Entertainment and sightseeing;
  • Communication.

What are the most popular travel agent apps we can learn from?

Let’s concentrate on reviewing prominent representatives to make a choice on scope of application and chalk up the best decisions to implement them into your one travel app. It’ll be easy as abcdef.
How To Create A Mobile Travel App?

A for Sightseeing

No objections. It’s an A-goal on the list.

TripCase and Google Trips will provide best insights on what to see, where to go and what to do in user’s location area with expert tips and advices on top. It means huge databases with user generated living content and free Google SDK. In general, it's a common thing for a traveler to use Google travel applications. 

Do you have a question?

B for Booking

Now one would arrange where to stay for a night or more and research where to grab a snack.

Expedia mobile app is a nice option for travellers to reserve, book and purchase airline tickets and hotels. There is Expedia app Android version as well as for iOS, whuch is a common practice, but Expedia app for Android is considered to be more popular. The app has a built in Expedia map to make a smart search more convenient. There are some websites like Expedia that we will review further.

AirBnB helps to find a comfortable place to stay for affordable price; allows to contact host via app to check up the details. Working area: 34000 cities around the world.

Booking.com gives an access to 1.000.000 hotels in 227 countries. I even checked my hometown out of curiosity. Yes, Booking.com ‘s in the town.

Kayak.com is website like Expedia that has a smart engine that books flights out and home, finds a home and a car if needed. 

TripAdvisor API is an enormous database of user-generated content and available traveler photos, detailed reviews and rating data for lodging, recreation, restaurants etc. There is no alternative popular website like TripAdvisor so far.

OpenTable allows to book a table at selected out of more than 30.000 restaurants worldwide.

Yelp is famous restaurant reviews, booking and delivering app.

С for Conveyance

To get to the radiant destination a transport is needed.

Uber is a worldwide famous taxi service; allows to call a cab through the app, full transport tracking increases credibility. Also after the trip you may give an evaluation to the driver and the service; the driver also ranks you as a passenger.

Google Maps is here to help you guess where the hell you are and probably what happened last night.

D for Overcoming Linguistic Divide

Socialising is the best way to leave nice impressions and memories from a trip, psychologists proved. And to communicate better with locals you would probably need a translator.

While Google Translator is good to translate certain words Bravolol and iStone Travel Translation are built especially for tourists and contain useful phrases in at least 12 languages. Bravolol also provides phonetic spelling and doesn't need an Internet connection.

E for Entertainment

Time Out contains bars, restaurants, attractions and events info. It has an “event finder” option which reports about most popular concerts, festivals and other events going on around. B option is in a stock too.

Ffor not Forgetting to Fix an Adventure

LiveTrekkerwas developed to ensure no one ever stucks in a F... situation. It was designed for tourists to track their root and pin photos, videos, audio or text entries to the map on the way as it gets accurately visualized.
How To Build A Mobile Travel App?
Most valuable features for a travel app

What can we possibly stuff a travel app with to make it the most appreciated on the market? Here are our suggestions.

Well of course! It’s a travel app after all. So a must would be supplying user with information about his current location and location of the nearby services he could be in need of - restaurants, hotels, bus stops, hospitals, washrooms etc.

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Travel itinerary generator

Second step to become really useful to your users is to arrange for them their travel roots, suggest the fastest way avoiding possible jams or the cheapest by comparing the prices.

Search & reviews

To find a fine service and interesting events for your user an app would need a search by location, events or holidays for example. The second part is other travelers recommendations and feedbacks about ongoing entertainment program. Other people’s experience is the most convincing provement. Hence users would certainly want this option rather than not.

Experts advices

Being in another cultural environment might get a little bit awkward if a tourist doesn’t know of existent customs. So small tips on how to communicate, etiquette basics or short stories about funny situations based on cultural divisions would lighten tourists hearts and help to get accustomed faster and easier.


Majority of travelers use their smartphone to take photos during the trip. Of course they would want to share their wonderful experience with their family and friends. It can be done right away through the social networks. And to get that done easier the app should be integrated with popular socials like Facebook and Instagram.

Also a useful integration can be developed with a taxi service like Uber. Imagine you had a great evening with your buddies, too great to remember where you are. And here is the magical app that tells you how to get home and even calls you a cab. God, save the Uber.

Local emergency services

Because we care about wellness of our users we build in a thread with main info about emergency situations, first-aid manual, relevant establishment locations and phone numbers. The option of through app call could be vital.

Implementing weather service and currency converter is rather optional. If the app can be complemented by these features their presence is surely a plus. After all it solves such troubles as when to go on a trip, what to wear, what clothes to take with and how much cash should one take.

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B2B app

There are a type of business that also can become a client; a business that needs a certain travel agency app. Yes, a tourism business, simple as that. The specifics of a travel app for a tourism business will be discussed thoroughly with a customer himself considering his goals and needs. For example, administrative options can be included in the app features or admin’s app can be developed separately.

The last and the most important step is to contact Thunderrise Dev Team to develop this glorious travel app to reality. Let’s start this adventure together!